Dance in Your Wedding Gown

The dress may be beautiful—and you in it—but if you can’t move in it and enjoy yourself on your big day, what’s the point? Check out Barbara’s favorite dresses for showing off your dance moves. VOWS Bridal Consultant Barbara St. Jean often says to brides-to-be, “You want to wear whatever is going to make you feel your absolute best.” While this is true, she also knows how important it is to be comfortable.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

Bride to Be

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress Weddings can be expensive, but your gown doesn’t have to be. At VOWS, we’re  experts at helping you find the perfect designer dress at a price that won’t burst your budget. How do we do this? With 1000+ dresses in stock and plenty of new gowns arriving weekly, VOWS […]

Answers To Your Bridal Gown Appointment Questions

Advice for Brides Looking for their Wedding Dress

While exciting, shopping for a bridal gown can be a bit overwhelming. At VOWS, you will have an experienced bridal consultant by your side to walk you through every step of the way. We asked Barb to answer some questions about what you can expect at your appointment. Q&A with Barbara St. Jean, VOWS Bridal […]

Dozens of Ways to Lace Up Your Wedding

Lace is very likely the most popular fabric in weddings today. Its increased popularity is due to its throwback flexibility — its vintage appeal can be turned into various decades, like the 1920s or the 1960s. Lace is versatile, feminine, and timeless. That’s why it’s in just about every Pinterest picture you see. If you […]

The Ps and Qs of Showing Your Wedding Journey to the Social World

So the day has finally arrived: The love of your life just got down on one knee and popped the big question. Congratulations! So many people who love and care about you on Facebook and Twitter want to know that this happened. But before you share anything, take a second to be wary of social […]

Embroider Your Veil

Brides and wedding trends seem to change year after year. The past few years, however, brides have decided to bring out their creative side for their nuptials. Thanks to Pinterest, a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding is all the rage. This industry has never seen so many people try to take their wedding into their own hands. […]

Cheap Wedding Equals Happy Marriage

All women dream of their fairy tale wedding: lights everywhere, linens over everything, a high-end Cinderella dress – the works. We would all love our wedding budget to be bottomless so we could plan our perfect day. However, that is not the case for thousands of brides every year. Certain items, like apt decorations and […]

What to Consider For Your Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

Although a wedding is mostly geared toward the bride and her ensemble, what her parents look like for the occasion matters as well. The level of formality the happy couple desires will set the tone for a mother-of-the-bride dress. If the ceremony is black-tie, for instance, it is expected the mother of the bride will […]

Embrace a “Free” Menu for Your Reception Meal

It wasn’t that long ago when all a would-be bride had to worry about was the occasional shrimp or peanut allergy when planning her reception dinner. A word of warning to the guest if any dishes contained the offending items, plus a few EpiPens on standby just in case, and problem solved. Even though there […]

Finding the Right Wedding Website for You

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life; however, inviting everyone you want may not be possible. A great way to share your wedding day — and every important day before and after it — with everyone in your life, near or far, is to create a simple website. […]

Don’t Let Appreciation Be an Afterthought

Preparing the Thank-You Letters When you are getting ready for your wedding day, you realize there are so many things that you have probably not even thought about but still need to do. One of the things that is highly recommended not to overlook is thank-you letters. While this project starts the moment your wedding […]

How to Navigate Pinterest to Find the Bridal Fashion That Fits You

Introductory Note Pinterest is one of the most popular websites nowadays, and many people use it to brainstorm new ideas in whatever domain they need or are interested in. As a bride-to-be, you can use Pinterest to get some ideas of wedding styles, or to help decide which bridal fashion best fits your preferences. However, […]

Creative Wedding Memories

Try Something New Are you planning your wedding? If so, one of the many things you need to think about is the wedding keepsakes you will create to remind you of your special day years from now. We imagine you’ve already thought about the wedding album and the guestbook, but what do you think about […]

Enjoy Your Wedding Day to the Extreme

Most people dream of a beautiful wedding reception and are content with a flowing white dress, a fitted tuxedo, and a grand tent for the reception. Some, however, have entirely different dreams for their wedding. They prefer to leave the traditional behind in favor of a wedding that accurately expresses their interests and passions. These […]

Colored Gowns and Silhouettes

Colors Why do brides typically wear white to their weddings? Most of us have accepted it as a societal norm but haven’t really ever stopped to think how the common wedding dress has evolved. This phenomenon began with Queen Victoria wearing a white lace gown to her own wedding in 1840. Before this, brides in […]