How to Navigate Pinterest to Find the Bridal Fashion That Fits You

Introductory Note

Searching for Wedding Ideas
The Web is a powerful tool when trying to plan or create new, fresh ideas for your wedding, and it’s growing full of great new ideas every day.
Pinterest is one of the most popular websites nowadays, and many people use it to brainstorm new ideas in whatever domain they need or are interested in. As a bride-to-be, you can use Pinterest to get some ideas of wedding styles, or to help decide which bridal fashion best fits your preferences. However, the amount of ideas you will find on Pinterest is limitless, so you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the amazing ideas that are presented to you.

When looking on Pinterest for bridal fashion and other wedding ideas, the first thing you need to do is select the “Weddings” category so that only ideas related to weddings will be displayed. Even so, you will find countless ideas to browse through. You can, of course, scroll down the page to see all the displayed images, but it will not help you too much. So, instead choose the subcategory that you consider most relevant for your search. Here you can see some ideas of what to look for.

Wedding Style

If you are one of the brides-to-be who wishes to have a wedding in a certain style, then you have the option of looking through specific styles of weddings, which can show you some really nice and interesting ideas for those certain types of weddings. Here you can choose between the available subcategories, such as: romantic weddings, Indian weddings, rustic weddings, or country weddings.

Bridal Gown Style

Choosing your bridal style is probably one of the most difficult to do, even when you look for it on Pinterest. However, one of the things you could use to make your search easier is to think about some bridal fashion styles that you consider best suited you and then search for them, one at a time.

For example, if you have your preferences regarding the designer of the wedding gown, use that name to look for them on Pinterest. Let’s imagine you like Vera Wang, for example. You will go to the search option and look for Vera Wang, which will return you the results related to this search. Have a look through the pictures, and you will be able to see exactly how her wedding gowns look on other brides.

If you have preferences regarding the silhouette of your wedding gown, then use them to search for such wedding gowns and see some examples. A good option is to look for different styles, as this could help you make a decision easier. For example, you can look for A-line wedding gowns, mermaid wedding gowns, or trumpet wedding gowns.


So basically there are two main ways you can use to search for bridal fashion on Pinterest: by searching for your desired keywords in the search tab and by going to the wedding category and start browsing. However, after choosing the wedding category, an array of subcategories open for you so that you can choose any number of subcategories for your search, too. Feel free to explore the subcategories if you need more ideas, or make your own search if you already know approximately what you are looking for!