Don’t Let Appreciation Be an Afterthought

Preparing the Thank-You Letters

Thank You Card with White Blossoms

When you are getting ready for your wedding day, you realize there are so many things that you have probably not even thought about but still need to do. One of the things that is highly recommended not to overlook is thank-you letters. While this project starts the moment your wedding gifts begin to arrive, it can sometimes end long after the wedding, when you’ve sent the letter to thank the sender for it.

One of the first things to consider regarding the thank-you notes is to make a copy of your invitation list, with all your guests’ names and their addresses, as you will need it when writing your letters. The second thing that’s recommended to do is to record each gift in detail next to its sender’s name and address.

Getting Started

Choose a comfortable place in your home where you can sit and write the letters. Consider using personalized cards on which you can monogram your initials, for example, and equip yourself with lots of pens that you enjoy writing with – plus, remember that usually wedding thank-you cards are written with blue or black ink.

Tips and Tricks on Writing the Appreciation Notes

Here are some tips and tricks to help with writing your wedding thank-you notes, as well as giving them a personal touch.

  • First, try to write thank-you notes as soon as the gifts arrive and spread them out so you aren’t writing hundreds of letters in just a couple of days.
  • When unwrapping the gifts, consider recording every gift next to its sender on the copy list that you created. Also, write some details for every gift so that if more senders send similar gifts, you can thank each of them for their specific gift.
  • If you receive money as a gift, you can mention how you plan to spend it.
  • As soon as you finish writing a letter, put a check mark next to the sender’s name on your list.
  • You can make the notes more personal by referring to the sender and the gift as well.

Final Information

Remember that the thank-you notes are best written and sent within three months of the day the gift arrived. In order to give a more personal touch to your notes, you can consider using personalized cards and notes instead of pre-printed cards, fill-in-the-blank cards, or generic postcards that you can find on the Internet.

In conclusion, you are warmly recommended to remember writing a thank-you letter to anyone who sent you a wedding gift, as well as to every person who helped you with your wedding through any means. Also, sending the letters promptly will show the recipient that you really appreciated the fact that they supported you and were with you on such a special event in your life!