Answers To Your Bridal Gown Appointment Questions

While exciting, shopping for a bridal gown can be a bit overwhelming. At VOWS, you will have an experienced bridal consultant by your side to walk you through every step of the way. We asked Barb to answer some questions about what you can expect at your appointment.

Q&A with Barbara St. Jean, VOWS Bridal ConsultantBarb3

You may recognize bridal consultant Barbara St. Jean from the TLC reality show I Found the Gown, which was set in our beloved bridal shop in Boston. Barb is always up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the ever-changing wedding dress scene. More importantly, Barb’s an expert on how to find the perfect affordable wedding gown and how to have a stress-­free time doing so.

Q: Why do you think brides should shop at a bridal outlet such as VOWS?

A: Shopping at a bridal outlet such as VOWS gives you the opportunity to wear a designer wedding dress at a deeply discounted price. You do not have to compromise quality for budget.

Q: When a bride arrives at VOWS, what do you suggest they bring with them in preparation?

A: Proper undergarments are very important. Also bring photos of styles you like. Have an idea of your bridal vision. And always bring good company. Always!

Q: How do you go about discussing the bride’s wish list for a gown?

A: It’s great to start with looks that are at the top of your wish list. But it’s important to always keep an open mind and experiment with different looks and bridal styles, because you might surprise yourself.

Q: Once in the shop, what how long should a bride plan to be there?

A: Appointments are about an hour long. I would suggest coming a few minutes early to give yourself the opportunity to browse the racks and get a feel for the store and the many, many bridal gown styles we have.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you can give a bride while she is trying on gowns?

A: Again, the key is to keep an open mind. Take it one wedding dress at a time.

Q: How do you know when the bride has indeed “Found the Gown”? And how will she know?

A: You will know which gown is “the one” when you can picture yourself walking down the aisle in it, and when you have forgotten about all the other dresses that came before—similar to dating.

Q: What is one of your most memorable times as a consultant?

A: Honestly, it’s memorable every single time I am able to be a part of such a beautiful experience as finding a wedding gown.


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