The Ps and Qs of Showing Your Wedding Journey to the Social World

It's perfectly natural to be excited for your wedding, but don't let it get the better of you!
It’s perfectly natural to be excited for your wedding, but don’t let it get the better of you!

So the day has finally arrived: The love of your life just got down on one knee and popped the big question. Congratulations! So many people who love and care about you on Facebook and Twitter want to know that this happened. But before you share anything, take a second to be wary of social media. This period of your life you just entered can be a slippery online slope. There are things to take into consideration before putting anything about your wedding online. You must remember your social media etiquette.

Before posting anything about your engagement, call your parents first. They are the people to notify. Then you are free to make the announcement all over the Twitterverse! The ring is of utmost importance for the announcement — everyone wants to see you two smiling together, and then they want to see a close-up of the bling. Don’t forget to change your relationship status!

When you have picked a venue and a date, make an excited status about it! Inform people when the nuptials will be. The people who know they’ll be receiving an invitation later will begin working it into their schedules now.

Along comes the day when you shop for your dream wedding dress. Exciting! You should bring the most important people with you — those who won’t constantly be looking down at their phones or live tweeting the experience. As the bride, you have the authority to mention that phones should not be a distraction. Some bridal salons don’t even allow phones out. This is a special day for you, and everyone should be fully present.

When you say those magic words to your magic dress, remember to mention to your guests that you will be the one posting on social media about your find. They already know not to post its picture to Facebook (hopefully), but as the bride, it is your privilege to keep your followers updated and intrigued.

Consider this photo opportunity: Have all of your guests gather in front of your gown to hide it for the picture. Then post it and say something along the lines of, “I said yes to my dress today! It will be revealed next summer!” That will make your followers very excited and anxious for the big day.

As the planning continues, make sure not to overload your followers with minute details. Also, do not post the woes of organizing the event. Everything you post publicly should be light, upbeat, and happy. Refrain from saying things you will regret later — you can never truly erase words from the Internet or from people’s minds.

The big day is almost here, and you’re creating your hashtag. When you’re coming up with the decorative sign to announce it to your guests, put a small note about being courteous to the people around you. Allow your guests to immediately share the photos online, but remind them to be courteous of those around them. Tell them not to block others’ view. They also need to be aware of the photographer snapping the most important photos.

After the wedding is over, remember to change your relationship status! Your followers want to see that the married couple is still thinking about them (even if for a quick relationship change). Then you’re free to enjoy your honeymoon social media-free!

Social media is difficult to balance. People want to know only so much about your wedding, and that must always be taken into consideration before posting. This is a thrilling time in your life, so make that known to everyone online! Always have your online ps and qs in mind!