Enjoy Your Wedding Day to the Extreme

Most people dream of a beautiful wedding reception and are content with a flowing white dress, a fitted tuxedo, and a grand tent for the reception. Some, however, have entirely different dreams for their wedding. They prefer to leave the traditional behind in favor of a wedding that accurately expresses their interests and passions. These interests, ranging from comic books to skydiving, permeate through the wedding in unique and creative ways. Though many may think these weddings can be strange, they can also be a lot of fun. Here, we look at a few examples of these superbly wacky marital ceremonies!

Superhero Weddings

Superman Groom

“They are the true heroes of the night”

Lots of people love superheroes. Throughout the world, people dress up as the caped crusaders and flock to various conventions such as Comic Con. Why shouldn’t these die-hard fans be allowed to feel like superheroes on their wedding night? After all, there have been many famed superhero romances: Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Catwoman, and Spiderman and Mary Jane! There are many ways one can turn their wedding night into a crime fighter’s paradise. One easy tweak is attire. The couple could go extreme, marrying in full-blown costume. They could also, however, add small flourishes to the typical gown and tux, like featuring a symbol of the specific superhero or even a mask, for example. The bridesmaids and groomsmen can also be equipped with similar attire, but the bride and groom should probably look the coolest. After all, they are the true heroes of the night. All the others are simply sidekicks. Another fun and easy way to alter the wedding is through the cake. Instead of a bride and groom standing atop a bed of pearly white frosting, have two superheroes kissing as they fight thugs atop an evil lair cake. Sure, it may look like a cake meant for an 8-year-old’s birthday, but the point of a superhero wedding is to connect with your inner child. Small adjustments to further drive the theme include superhero-themed table cloths and balloons. Though these may seem frivolous, they really add to the atmosphere.

Some feel like superheroes by donning a mask and a cape. Others feel like superheroes by jumping out of a moving plane 15,000 feet in the air. To those who don’t skydive, it may seem insane that someone would want to do that on their wedding day, but it’s actually more common than you’d think. There are actually programs set up for this exact purpose. Vegas Extreme Skydiving has a whole section of its website devoted to wedding packages. One can choose to have their reception on the ground, but there is also the option of saying “I do” right before the leap! Though this is definitely an extreme option, one doesn’t have to get too extreme with the planning. You simply find a skydiving company willing, and off you go!

Extreme Sports Weddings

Soccer Wedding

“If the couple shares the passion,
it can become a great wedding theme”

Skydiving can be rather scary, and it’s not hard to see why. Most people prefer less intense sports like baseball or football. They not only like to play these sports but also follow their favorite teams religiously. Like superheroes, these sports and teams can become a large part of someone’s life. And if the couple shares the passion, it can become a great wedding theme. There is even a site called sportsthemedweddings.com that sells sports-themed wedding items such as centerpieces and cakes, as well as gives advice on how to plan the perfect sports wedding. Similar to a superhero ceremony, you can add flourishes to the attire or have sports-themed accessories. Unfortunately for comic book lovers, you can’t host your wedding in the Bat Cave or the Fortress of Solitude. Sports fans, however, can rent out certain baseball stadiums and football fields to host their wedding bash.

Unless you’re prepared to skydive before you take your vows, these weddings require a lot of planning and can often be quite expensive. If you’re looking for a fun, quick, and easy themed wedding, look no further than Las Vegas. Companies like Viva Las Vegas Weddings offer a broad range of wacky wedding-themed ceremonies ranging from $475 to $1,300. You can get married in full gladiatorial attire and kiss under a high-flying circus act! Whether you want a fun ceremony or a wedding that truly expresses your passion, themes are a great and quirky alternative to the traditional wedding.