Transform Your Cheap Wedding Dress Into a Chic Wedding Dress

Let’s face it: Everyone loves getting a great deal on an item. Whether it’s on something as small as a piece of jewelry to something as big as a wedding dress, sales are tempting. There’s a long-running fallacy, however, that finding something at a discount means getting a sub-par product. That is not the case, […]

Dozens of Ways to Lace Up Your Wedding

Lace is very likely the most popular fabric in weddings today. Its increased popularity is due to its throwback flexibility — its vintage appeal can be turned into various decades, like the 1920s or the 1960s. Lace is versatile, feminine, and timeless. That’s why it’s in just about every Pinterest picture you see. If you […]

Embroider Your Veil

Brides and wedding trends seem to change year after year. The past few years, however, brides have decided to bring out their creative side for their nuptials. Thanks to Pinterest, a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding is all the rage. This industry has never seen so many people try to take their wedding into their own hands. […]

Badgley Mischka on Top of the Fashion World With Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

If there’s any design duo who can do it all, it’s Badgley Mischka. Their bridal designs are top notch, and they’re widely regarded for their designs. However, they also have a large reputation of specializing in daywear, eveningwear, handbags, timepieces, and even eyewear. They’re on top of the fashion world and recently released their spring […]

Tips to Get the Perfect Gown for the Plus-Size Bride

Cheap Wedding Equals Happy Marriage

All women dream of their fairy tale wedding: lights everywhere, linens over everything, a high-end Cinderella dress – the works. We would all love our wedding budget to be bottomless so we could plan our perfect day. However, that is not the case for thousands of brides every year. Certain items, like apt decorations and […]

The 5 Hottest Looks of Bridal Designer Jim Hjelm’s Spring 2015 Collection

Jim Hjelm is one of the world’s top bridal designers. From the couture bride to the classic bride, his line consistently has looks to please all. The hailed designer recently released a video of his spring 2015 collection, and it’s full of fun, feminine, and fresh trends for every bride! You’re sure to find something […]

Short Wedding Dress Trends for Fall 2014

Not every bride-to-be has visions of herself walking down the aisle with a mile-long train following behind her. Some brides prefer more conservative attire, donning dresses somewhat reminiscent of a traditional cocktail dress. If you are one of these brides, there is a wide variety of dresses to choose from that are still in traditional […]

A Look Behind the Latest Enzoani Collection

The Enzoani brand of bridal gowns debuted in 2006 and immediately set its hand-crafted designs apart by blending traditional and modern European styles with an emphasis on innovative use of fabrics; the highest quality of lace and others materials; attention to an exquisite fit; and a soft, sophisticated finish often accentuated through elegant Swarovski beadwork. […]

A Profile of the Fall 2014 Sottero and Midgley Wedding Gown Collection

Collection It seems everyone has a different picture of what the perfect wedding gown looks like. The Fall 2014 Collection for Sottero and Midgley is absolutely no exception. There is something in this collection for almost anyone, from a young, traditionally styled bride-to-be to a hip, middle-aged woman who has a taste for Old Hollywood. […]

Elizabeth Fillmore

Soft. Feminine. Whimsical. Ethereal. Elizabeth Fillmore’s autumn 2014 bridal collection had the critics and public alike waxing poetic over her wedding fashions that featured delicate beading, organza flowers, laces, and layering. Fillmore’s work is unique in that she infuses the magical moment weddings represent with a seductive, subtle glamour. It’s not surprising to learn that […]

Trumpeting the Latest in Bridal Gowns

Fashion can be stylish, whimsical, couture, or casual, but more than anything it is trendy. Yesterday’s must-haves are today’s yawns, even in wedding dresses. While traditionally there are fewer dramatic changes year to year in bridal gowns for the mainstream customer, there is still a mind-boggling array of styles and presentations. But the ultimate de […]

Dancing in the Dress

As a bride, choosing the perfect wedding dress to wear on the big day may become one of the greatest concerns for you as your ceremony approaches. Not only do you have limitless possibilities and models to choose from, but there are also some unique factors you should take into consideration when choosing your dress. […]

Happily Ever After

Many brides today have grown up idolizing the beautiful fairytale princess dresses that we’ve all seen and read about during our childhood. Through all these years, we’ve thought about the perfect wedding dress over and over again, trying to imagine which one we’d wear on our wedding day and which fairytale princess our gown would […]

Designer Spotlight: Jenny Packham

From Angelina Jolie to the duchess of Cambridge, Jenny Packham has become quite the favorite among celebrities worldwide as the designer of beautiful, classic fashion. She is known for her intricate beadwork and unique yet elegant designs. This world-renowned British designer has shown her collections at London, Milan, and most recently, New York fashion weeks. […]