Transform Your Cheap Wedding Dress Into a Chic Wedding Dress

Let’s face it: Everyone loves getting a great deal on an item. Whether it’s on something as small as a piece of jewelry to something as big as a wedding dress, sales are tempting. There’s a long-running fallacy, however, that finding something at a discount means getting a sub-par product. That is not the case, especially with wedding gowns! As long as you obey the following rules, you are guaranteed to get the gown of your dreams at a dreamy price.

The Budget

First, you’ll need to set your budget. Find out how much money you can contribute to your gown, along with everything else for the big day. Next, you need to stick to that budget. There’s no such thing as an “unlimited budget,” as there’s always a cap. It’s no longer trendy to go into deep debt to pay off your bridal gown. You can find something at a good price.

The Research

Once you find that magic number, do some research. Find your desired look, and then see how much it retails for in stores. If it’s out of your budget, keep an open mind on the overall style. Sometimes your fashion taste will gravitate toward gowns that will always exceed your maximum allowance. See if it is going on sale anytime soon! Or try to find something like it made by a designer who’s a little more cost-effective.

The Gown

Look into buying a gown off the rack. It’s a great way to find a beautiful dress at a great price, and you get to take it home the day you buy it! Saying “yes” to an off-the-rack style doesn’t mean you’re settling — it’s actually very easy to find a dress in perfect condition available for immediate purchase. is an apt example of this. We provide brides with beautiful, nearly new styles at slashed prices. Consider perusing our website!

Another great option to look into is trying on looks from department stores, many of which sell very inexpensive wedding dresses. You’ll get a brand new gown, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In addition, there are a few more ways to find a cheap gown. Filene’s Basement has its annual Running of the Brides. Just have your eyes peeled and be ready to fight the crowds! Also, you can go online and search for used dresses. Many brides post their wedding gowns on sites (including our private seller classifieds) to resell them. It could be your something borrowed! If those two options aren’t for you, consider renting a dress.

There are myriad ways to find a gown at a wonderful price, and the list above provides you with a few avenues through which to do so. Brides no longer break the bank when they choose their dress, especially after studies were released stating that an expensive wedding day does not mean a lasting marriage. See our article on why a cheap wedding equals a happy marriage. So use the list, do a little research, and find your perfect dress at the perfect price!