Tips to Get the Perfect Gown for the Plus-Size Bride

Bridepower carries gowns for women of all shapes and sizes.[/caption]

First of all, you need to know that bridal sizes run small. When trying a gown on, you will probably find that you can wear up to a few sizes bigger than what you buy at Kohl’s or Macy’s. Pant sizes don’t really equate, either. If you normally wear a size 16 or 18 dress, a bridal size 22 or 24 could be a great fit. Some designers run truer to your size, but most follow this specific pattern cutting. Just make sure not to take it to heart if you’re slipping on gowns larger than your normal size! It’s just the way the gowns are made.

Whether a size 0 or size 30, each and every bride walks into a bridal shop with anxieties. Questions run through their head, such as, “Will anything look good on me?” “Will I ever be able to find a dress?” Many brides use these fears as an excuse not to shop, and they wind up with no gown just months before their wedding. These questions also ruin the fun of the experience! Chances are you’ll only get to do this once, so don’t let anxieties delay the search for your perfect gown – you’ll be glad to say yes to something that makes you feel radiant and stunning.

When you begin trying wedding dresses on, analyze your shape and think about what would look best on you. Consult with your friends and family about their thoughts on your ideal silhouette. Even go as far as consulting your fiancé – the people you love the most will always know what flatters your shape. Most of the time, A-line is an absolutely exquisite silhouette. If you’re taller than 5’7” and curvy, consider a mermaid or a sheath. Even a ball gown is just enough fullness for certain shapes. Try everything on and see what you like best on you. To put it simply: whatever makes you feel the best, gravitate towards that.

Lastly, the best accessory by far on a curvy plus-size figure is a belt. That pulls in your waist and makes you look so much smaller. You’ll have an hourglass look right away. You can choose a wide band or a narrow band; they all have the same effect. If your gown is lacking back detail, throw on a sash, tie a beautiful bow, and let the rest of the sash hang down your train. You’ll create quite a breathtaking look!

Of course, not all of these recommendations are going to pertain to every plus-size bride. The only way you’ll really know what looks good on you is to go out there and experience the gowns and accessories for yourself! It’s a very fun experience, and when you finally say “Yes” to a dress, we guarantee you’ll feel like you conquered the world. Believe us, you’ll find it!