Trumpeting the Latest in Bridal Gowns

Fashion can be stylish, whimsical, couture, or casual, but more than anything it is trendy. Yesterday’s must-haves are today’s yawns, even in wedding dresses. While traditionally there are fewer dramatic changes year to year in bridal gowns for the mainstream customer, there is still a mind-boggling array of styles and presentations. But the ultimate de rigueur aspect of the fashion-forward wedding dress is the silhouette, and this season the trumpet has announced its presence.

What is a trumpet wedding gown?

Generally speaking, the trumpet silhouette features a snuggish-fitting bodice and gradually-flared skirt. It is similar to the mermaid silhouette but with less dramatic and constricting flair — think of it as the fashion spawn between a modified A-line and mermaid. Typically, a trumpet wedding gown will start to flair at fingertip length about mid-thigh. Since the flare transitions from a low drop waist, it is much easier to walk in than a mermaid, so it offers the freedom of movement like an A-line and also features figure-hugging attributes as well.

As with all fashion, this dress is not for every blushing bride. The body-hugging fit spotlights the stomach and hips, so it may not be the most flattering for ladies who have pear-shaped physiques. But curvy women love the effect. So it is no surprise that many film and television celebs walking red carpets from Los Angeles to New York are wearing trumpet gowns this season, which provide a sleek, throwback glamour reminiscent of old Hollywood.

Vera Wang Trumpet

Vera Wang Trumpet wedding dress

Mori Lee Trumpet

Mori Lee Trumpet wedding dress

Alvina Valenta Trumpet

Alvina Valenta Trumpet wedding dress

Women without many curves particularly like the trumpet silhouette because it gives them feminine curves they’ve never seen before. The effect can be helped along by bridal belts and sashes that not only accentuate an existing hourglass figure but create the appearance of an hourglass figure. Plus, belts and sashes come in many varieties, so they let you add another dash of personal style to the dress.

And while comfort may not be the top priority for many brides, trumpet wedding gowns are less constrictive, so it’s more comfortable to walk and sit down, proving that wedding gowns can be dramatic, glamorous, and functional. And to ward off any autumn or evening chill, you can accessorize with a stylish bolero or shawl that will both keep you warm as well as add a bit of added flair to your gown.

Fashion police alert: Make sure you have the right undergarments, because the last thing you want is a distracting panty line or two.

Where can I shop for trumpet wedding gowns?

Since the trumpet silhouette is trending, every bridal — as well as evening wear — designer worth their lamé has several offerings in the current collections. But it is also possible to find affordable vintage trumpet bridal gowns as well as discounted consignment designs. While the sluggish economy has created a lot of hardship, it’s been a boon to the frugal-minded bride, as many women have opted to put their wedding dresses up for sale. So with a little due diligence, you should be able to find the trumpet gown of your dreams with a heavenly price tag.