The 5 Hottest Looks of Bridal Designer Jim Hjelm’s Spring 2015 Collection

Jim Hjelm is one of the world’s top bridal designers. From the couture bride to the classic bride, his line consistently has looks to please all. The hailed designer recently released a video of his spring 2015 collection, and it’s full of fun, feminine, and fresh trends for every bride! You’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Here’s a list of the five hottest looks seen at the runway show:

1. Straps or Sleeves

A trend that has been weaving its way into bridal fashion for a few seasons, sleeves or straps have officially become one of the biggest requests from brides. Thank goodness Jim Hjelm delivered! For his newest line, the wedding dress designer created styles with straps – like the simple spaghetti in JH8504 – and sleeves – like the full-length coverage in JH8507. They not only make for a little added security that a strapless gown cannot provide, but they also bring out your shoulder frame to exhibit your graceful and statuesque side.

2. Textures

Throughout the Jim Hjelm collection, you can see all types of textures: lace, tulle, feathers, ribbon, you name it! What does texture add in the gown, you ask? Well, it gives another feature to your gown, and it adds detail interest. Choose a style that resembles JH8512 and you’ll love grazing your hands along the feathers! These pieces also give your gown dimension. The feathers on JH8512 transform it from simple to chic with that simple add-on. You can express your personality with texture!

3. High Necklines

High necklines usually follow right along with the strap theme. There were many bateau or portrait tops in Jim Hjelm’s spring 2015 line, and that lends a retro feel to each style. Those necklines reminisce past decades, when comfort and style went hand-in-hand. What a great throwback – and what modern takes Jim Hjelm has made with them!

4. Whimsical Airiness

Next to sleeves, whimsical fabrics like chiffon and tulle popped up everywhere! The two almost always go together; you usually see these looks paired perfectly in an outdoor ceremony or worn by an easygoing bride. Chiffon and tulle fabrics, especially in the skirt, are the optimal fabrics for comfort and ease as you party with your loved ones and closest friends. Jim Hjelm really chose some hot fabrics for his newest line!

5. Back Interest

Another detail often paired with strapped or sleeved gowns is back interest. Whether a simple back exposure, like with style JH8508, or an illusion look, like with JH8515, back interest is something often requested by brides. With illusion backs especially, there are very intricate and detailed creations that become a breathtaking view for those at your ceremony. Jim Hjelm knows what brides (and wedding attendants) want.

The spring 2015 line will please you whether you would say your taste is picky or peaceful. Jim Hjelm went with many safe looks, for example style JH8510, but then went out on a limb and created gowns like JH8500, where unique ribbon texture is found. If you pick a gown like what was seen in Jim Hjelm’s spring 2015 collection, you should consider yourself on the forefront of bridal fashion!