Simple Wedding Dress Timeline for the Bride

It’s happening! Time to start shopping for your wedding dress! Before you even get started on this oh-so exciting adventure, it is super important to have a timeline in place. You want to be prepared and avoid any kind of stress. This is a special time in your life, and there’s no room for anything but joy. So, below is a simple timeline for how to best manage the process of buying your dream dress.

12-14 months before the wedding

  • Setting your wedding dress budget is always the first priority.
  • Schedule your appointment with VOWS Bridal!
  • Start thinking about the style or silhouette that is best for you, staying true to your unique personality and individuality. Remember, your consultant is here to help!
  • Pick your squad. Pick your chosen few (at VOWS we allow up to five guests!) and have them ready to go when the time comes.
  • Start shopping! Save some fave photos for your to-be bridal consultant. It will be much appreciated and give and help get your search started. Not sure of what you are looking for? No problem! Our experts are here to assist you in any way they can!

9-10 months before the wedding

  • By this point, you should have narrowed down your choices to a few gowns. It’s time to choose!
  • After the final decision has been made, order the gown ASAP. Our special order gowns generally ship within 4-7 months from order date.

5-6 months before the wedding

  • Now you are simply waiting for your wedding gown to arrive and should be thinking about the rest of your bridal accessories!
  • Have fun shopping for your jewelry, veil, headpieces and more!
  • Pick out your day of wedding undergarments and bridal shoes. Must-haves before the next step!

3 months before the wedding

  • Once your wedding dress arrives you will want to schedule your first fitting as soon as possible (don’t forget to take your shoes and undergarments).

6 weeks before the wedding

(time will vary depending on designer and first round alterations)

  • Schedule your second fitting to make sure that everything is perfectly altered and fits you like a glove.

2-3 weeks before the wedding

  • Schedule your final fitting. At this point, alterations, if any, will be minimal and take a very short amount of time.
  • Depending on the final alterations, you may be taking your dress home! Woohoo!

1 day before wedding

Gather your dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, bouquet and any other accessories in one place. And don’t forget your bridal survival kit! Have them organized and easy to access. Almost GO time!

Day of wedding

Get dressed and watch their jaws drop. Enjoy this wonderful day!