Bridal Survival Kit: How to be Prepared for Your Wedding Day Look!

It’s finally here… your wedding day! Your emotions are likely running high with excitement and happiness, and let’s face it, nerves. Obviously, you want everything to run smoothly and to look your very best all day or all night. So, we have compiled a short list of survival kit items to help ease the stress of your big day.

Bridal ensemble:

Be sure and keep your wedding dress, undergarments, shoes, veil (if wearing), jewelry and any other accessories together at all times. In the chaos of the day, you don’t want to be frantically searching for things. Make sure they are in a safe place and away from anything that may stain them.


Although you have applied your makeup beforehand, always keep a little kit for touch ups just before the ceremony and throughout the day or evening. This could include concealer, powders, blush, mascara, lipsticks, balms, whatever it is you use. You want to stay picture perfect!

Hair Products:

Buy a small travel size bottle of whatever hair product you prefer and keep with your makeup. And don’t forget a comb or brush! Whether you have an up-do or are wearing your hair natural and down, you have to remember that it is going to be a long day or evening. Your hair is bound to need a bit of TLC.

Hand-held Steamer:

A hand-held steamer is great for right before the ceremony or right before you put on your wedding gown. Not only will it get out last-minute wrinkles, but it is perfect for annoying water stains that may happen.


Tissues and your wedding day go hand in hand, right? Of course you’ll want them close by for wiping away those tears of happiness, but also for blotting your face to keep yourself from looking too oily or sweaty.

Baby powder and deodorant:

Yes, both of these! Having baby powder on hand goes back to the sweat issue. It is a super way to feel fresh and smell great at the same time. And deodorant is a given for exactly the same reasons. Keep both in the bathroom of the reception and apply as needed as you dance the night away!


Q-tips are a key staple to have in case of stains. You don’t want to rub your wedding gown with other fabrics that may make the stain set in even further. Simply use club soda and the q-tip to dab away the stain gently. Q-tips are also perfect for mascara or make-up smudges.


Stay hydrated! It is so important to drink lots of water. With all the commotion you need to make sure your body is replenished.


Make sure you keep a stash of healthy snacks on hand. They can help ease a nervous stomach and give you the energy you need to power through the day. Quick, bite-sized snacks like veggie sticks, crackers, trail mix, protein bars and nuts are great choices.