Five Must-have Wedding Accessories for the Bride

There is no shortage of amazing bridal accessories out there. They are plentiful and they are everywhere! It can be downright overwhelming when you sit down and think about everything you may need or want. But, there are the five must-have wedding accessories that every bride should have in the forefront of her mind.

1. Shoes

Bridal shoes should be one of the first things purchased immediately after ordering or buying your wedding gown. Why? Before you head to the seamstress to get those alterations, have your shoes ready to go so that your hemline is sure to be perfect! Never ever buy bridal shoes after your dress has been hemmed.

The style and heel height depends on your personal taste–thankfully there are tons of designs out there from which to choose. This is where you can let YOU shine–bridal shoes are such a fun way to show off your personality. If you’re a fan of a pop of color, a shoe is the cutest way to incorporate that pop. If you love bling, encrusted jewelled shoes are a stunning choice.

2. Jewelry

Bridal jewelry, like shoes, add to the overall look of your wedding ensemble. Once you start shopping, you may find yourself reeling from all the gorgeous choices out there. But, it’s so important to take your time and make sure you choose something that not only compliments your wedding dress, but also your personal vibe.

3. Veil

Oh the drama of a veil! How much drama depends on your taste, the formality of the wedding, venue, and of course, your wedding gown. Choosing the perfect veil is like choosing the icing on the top of your cake–sweet and sentimental. The veil is truly the finishing touch to your entire look.

4. Bouquet

Bridal bouquets are a must. They are traditional, but a super personal choice and one where you can get very creative. Brides and florists alike are having fun creating looks that are more whimsical and daring. Choosing your bouquet largely depends on things like budget and your gown. Simple or statement, a beautiful bridal bouquet is an accessory you don’t want to be without.

5. Bridal Bag

Never underestimate the power of the bridal purse or bag. This is a must-have accessory that you may have slipped your mind. But, on the big day, you’ll want your Bridal Survival Kit ready for action, and you want to have something fabulous to put it all in, right? Think about your overall look and choose your bridal purse accordingly. A bonus of the bridal bag is it is yet another way to incorporate some personal style into your day. The sizes range from small to semi-medium, depending on how much you need to carry.