How to Keep Calm on Your Wedding Day: A Simple Guide to Bridal Bliss!

Your wedding day is fast approaching! Your excitement is building, but your anxiety could be too. Ladies, this is a day that should be filled with joy and happiness, not headaches and nerves. You deserve to have the best day ever, and we have compiled a list of must-do’s to ensure that you’re calm, replenished and ready to enjoy every second of it!

Be Prepared

Having everything in order before your wedding day is a must. The last thing you want is to wake up with tasks still to do. Therefore, make sure your wedding gown is ready to go. Confirm all hair and makeup appointments if you have decided to go this route. Gather all your bridal accessories in one place so as to not forget something. Another great idea is to make a quick checklist and go over it the day before the wedding–this list would include making sure all vendors have been contacted and are confirmed on time and ready to go.

Take time to breathe

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is oh-so important to remember. If you feel things getting hectic, remember that soon you will be married to your person… and breathe. Take a few minutes to yourself before the wedding to clear and settle your mind. Some brides do a quick meditation while others may perform breathing exercises or yoga to help find their center. Whatever you choose, make sure you are in a secluded area with minimal noise if possible. Those few minutes of zen will really pay off.

Don't Forget to eat

Many brides get the dreaded nervous stomach. With everything going on, it’s super common to forget to eat or simply feel like you can’t. Thing is, you MUST eat and take care of yourself. Food is fuel for the body and you want to have the energy you need for the day. Even if you feel like your tummy is in knots, try and get something in it.

Lean on Family and Friends

Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for help on your wedding day. That is what they are there for—whether it is to run a quick errand, get food, give a hug, or just talk. After all, they love you! They have your back and want nothing more than for you to have a wonderful day.

Enjoy your moments

This cannot be emphasized enough! From the moment you wake up on your wedding day, take the time to really look around and take it all in. It is a beautiful day, rain or shine, because you are celebrating your love and a new life. This day can’t be repeated so savor it all! The little details will stay with you for a lifetime.