Bring on the Blooms! How to Pick Your Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Don’t underestimate the role your bridal bouquet plays in your overall wedding day ensemble. When you walk down that aisle, your blooms become one with your entire look! Gone are the days of matchy-matchy arrangements. Brides and florists alike are having fun creating looks that are more whimsical and personal. Of course there are things to consider, and we are here to help. Below are some top tips to keep in mind!

Think of your budget:

Budget comes first. Be sure and decide how much money you can spend on your bouquet, as it will drastically impact the size of the arrangement and the types of flowers you can use. Obviously, a bigger budget will allow for more elaborate design and higher priced buds. But, don’t worry if you are on a tighter budget! There are some gorgeous greenery options or floral accents out there that can be just as eye-catching. For example, dried flower bouquets, such as lavender, are also lovely and perfect for a garden or rustic affair. A good florist can help point you in the right direction.

Think of Your Gown:

Your bouquet should largely depend on the style and design of your wedding gown. You want it to compliment and mesh with your dress, not compete with it. For example, a very ornate or heavily beaded gown might benefit from something a tad more simple, while a simple, modern dress might call for flowers that are more extravagant and large in scale to achieve that eye-catching pop you need.

Think about different shapes:

Bridal bouquets can be designed in all different sizes, from cascading flowers to tight pomanders. These days, the free-form, hand-tied style is trending because of its uniqueness and affordability. And in some cases, the bigger the better, right? We love the cascading look of wild flowers, greenery… pretty much anything goes! The formality of your wedding might contribute to shape and size.

Don’t forget about the stem:

Adorn the stems of your bouquet to compliment your flowers. It gives a great finished and polished look and is very inexpensive. For example, wrap the stems tightly in a carefully braided ribbon, jute, vintage lace or other stunning fabric that goes well with the color scheme of your wedding. Or, if you are having a rustic or informal wedding, keep the stems in their natural state and show them off! The choice is yours.

Think about the timing:

 Make sure to discuss this with your florist. The bouquet should be no more than a day before your wedding for freshness. Also, be sure and keep it refrigerated until the very last moment before you walk down the aisle. No bride wants wilted or tired looking blooms on her big day.