10 Flirty Wedding Dresses that Show Some Leg!

Choosing a wedding dress style and its details is such a personal journey. Some brides like a modest, traditional look, and some brides want to break from the norm and feel a bit sexy on their big day. What better way to do so than to show a little leg? Designers are loving incorporating flirty […]

Make a Statement in these Dreamy Floral Wedding Gowns!

It’s no secret, floral wedding gowns are oh-so dreamy! They invoke a whimsical yet organic vibe that is ultra feminine yet still classic and modern. Whether the blooms are made with stunning intricate lace or bold appliques, the romantic feel is undeniable. Some wedding gowns feature a touch of floral detail, while others go full-on […]

Romantic A-line gowns from Allure Bridals

What is an A-line wedding dress? An A-line gown literally comes from the letter “A” and its shape—a narrow bodice and outer edges of slightly flowing skirt. As opposed to a ball gown, A-line dresses give you that classic romantic vibe but can be much more comfortable to wear and maneuver. Who should wear it? […]

Simple and Sparkling Signature Cocktails for your Wedding!

Nothing says celebrate quite like breaking out the bubbly! With so many drinks out there, you might be overwhelmed trying to pick the perfect concoction for your big day. But no worries! Keep it classic and timeless with a gorgeous cocktail that is as simple and delicious as it is beautiful. The cocktails below feature […]

10 Statement Wedding Dress Skirts from Martina Liana

Every bride wants to make a statement on her big day. And what better way to do just that than with a dramatic wedding dress skirt? The right skirt will allow you to make jaws drop with your entrance AND your exit! Martina Liana has created true bridal works of art with these amazing styles […]

Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns for the Modern Minimalist Bride

Modern minimalist wedding gowns are known for making a statement while keeping embellishments to the bare minimum. No lace? No beads? No problem! There are other ways to make heads turn, like rocking a long sleeve that is sleek and chic yet with an undeniable subtle sexiness. Minimalist gowns featuring long sleeves allow the bride […]

Wedding Gowns with Side Cut Outs: Are they for you?

On the red carpet, gowns with side cut outs have been super popular for decades. Over the past few years, wedding gowns designers have taken note and this sexy yet sometimes subtle style can be found in dresses made just for your big day! Wedding gowns with side cut outs are stylish, striking, and most […]

10 Twirlable Tulle Wedding Gowns We Love!

Tulle is a quintessential wedding gown fabric made with an open weave that’s very much like netting. It has an airy and flowing feel and can be used as a gown’s lining, to add structure and is available in various weights and levels of stiffness. Wedding gown skirts that are constructed of tulle are oh-so […]

Popular Wedding Gown Embellishments Explained

Wedding gown embellishments are like the icing on a cake. They decorate and celebrate the bride’s style and unique personality. There are loads of embellishments from which to choose, so it can be overwhelming to know what is what. Below are some of the most common and most popular embellishments… explained! Applique An applique is […]

Casual wedding dresses for every bridal style

Every bride is unique when it comes to their personal style. Some like the “more is more”  look while others opt for a style that’s a bit more low key. The great news is that these days, there are no rules when it comes to wedding dresses. If you feel more comfortable in a stunning […]

Six Practical Tips for Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

So, it is time to choose the all-important bridesmaid dresses. As the bride, you are responsible for keeping your friends and family happy in the process. Therefore, you want to be prepared before you start your search. Below are six practical tips to keep in mind along the way. 1. Budget In most weddings, the […]

Be Bold in these Berta Wedding Gowns!

About Berta The sole designer of the fashion house is Berta Balilti. The wedding gowns she creates are nothing short of breathtaking, show-stopping and designed for the daring bride who isn’t afraid of being fashion forward. “Berta has an avant-garde design style, one that always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of […]

Lace Wedding Gowns for Every Bridal Style!

Elegant, luxurious, intricate and even simple are all words to describe the beauty that is lace. Lace wedding gowns are among the most popular, and for good reason. Lace is so very diverse! The patterns are endless, types of lace are abundant, and lace can be mixed and matched with other fabrics. So, matter what […]

Summer Wedding Dresses that Sizzle!

In the throes of winter here in New England, we can’t help but think of warmer days ahead, especially if you are planning a wedding! Summer weddings are perfect for beach ceremonies, lakeside weddings or any outdoor venue you may have in mind. So, as things slowly start to heat up, so are the wedding […]

IIllusion Back Wedding Dresses Sure to Turn Heads!

Illusion fabric is made from a delicate mesh nylon material that is sheer and gives the appearance of a nude look, mimicking your skin–hence the name! Illusion is very lightweight and can be easily sewn into dresses in a variety of ways. Illusion fabric can be found in all styles of wedding dresses–from super sexy […]