Cheers for Tiers! Layered Wedding Dress Skirts You’ll Love!

With the return of larger weddings on the rise, it’s not surprising that some brides want to go the maximalist route with a playful, full skirt gown with a classic princess vibe. If you are one of these brides, you are going to love these tiered wedding dresses with a romantic, frilly and layered look […]

Bridesmaids on a Budget: Simple Money-Saving Tips!

Let’s face it, being a bridesmaid can be a pricey honor. For the most part, bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dress, shoes, and more. Factor in possible event costs, beauty regimes, and travel expenses–we are talking about a huge chunk of change. It can be a bit much for some. Luckily, there […]

7 Square Neckline Wedding Dresses You’ll Love!

What is a square neckline? A square neckline simply means the wedding dress is cut with straight lines to form right angles that frame the chest and neck in the shape of a square. It is a super romantic look that can be found in all wedding dress styles, from vintage to modern and everything […]

Exposed Corset Wedding Gowns for Every Bridal Style

Corsets have made a big impact as a leading 2022 wedding dress trend. And why wouldn’t they? They are fabulous! Designers have gone for exposed boning in the corset, which takes this timeless look to a chic, sexy and updated style. They are traditional yet still give a wink a nudge to that sought after […]

5 Simple Fixes for Wedding Dress Emergencies

No bride wants to think about the dreaded wedding dress stain or tear on her big day. But, the chance does exist. No matter how careful you think you’ll be, accidents happen, and it’s best to expect the unexpected. After all, your wedding dress is likely the most important piece of clothing you will ever […]

Take the Plunge in These Wedding Gowns by Made with Love Bridal!

For the bride looking to make a bold, sexy statement on her wedding day, a plunging neckline or plunging back could be just the thing! Plunging simply means a deep V design. And, how low you go is up to you! Made with Love Bridal has mastered this look so very eloquently, keeping every detail […]

Wedding Guest Etiquette: Basic Tips You Need to Know

Being invited to a wedding is an honor, and you should treat it as such. So, if you’re not sure about the proper etiquette, we’re here to help! Below is a quick rundown of wedding ceremony do’s and don’ts for the clueless wedding guest. RSVP on Time Proper etiquette begins before the big day by […]

10 Dream Wedding Dress Trains that Make a Statement

There’s no better way to make jaws drop on your wedding day than to float down the aisle in a gown with a stunning statement train. The train on your wedding can bring the drama and the “oohs and ahhs” like nothing else! What is a statement train? A statement train is any train that […]

Fun Ideas for ‘Something Blue’ in your Wedding

We’ve all heard the saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Some brides stick to tradition and follow all these “rules,” while others only opt for a few. It seems having “something blue” speaks to most brides, as it represents love, purity and fidelity. Of course the blue garter under your wedding […]

Six Stunning Wedding Gowns with Detachable Sleeves

To sleeve or not to sleeve? That is the question for many brides. The good news is, you don’t have to choose! Wedding dresses with detachable sleeves give you the diversity that you want without sacrificing style. Why choose a wedding gown with detachable sleeves? Two looks in one, of course! For brides who want […]

Is a Small Wedding Right for you? Pros and Cons

Planning your wedding comes with lots of decisions, one of the first being the size of your big day. As a rule of thumb, a “small wedding” consists of less than 50 guests. These types of weddings are gaining in popularity, but with anything else, there are things to consider. If you are pondering a […]

Beach Wedding Dresses for the Modern Minimalist Bride

Beach weddings are unlike any other. Your backdrop is nature itself, with crashing waves, the intoxicating smell of the salty ocean air, fluffy white sand, and that dreamy breeze that makes for an unforgettable organic vibe. What’s not to love? Seaside nuptials are popular among so many, including the modern minimalist bride. It’s true! You […]

What You Need to Know About Being Best Man: A Complete Guide

What is a best man? The best man (or woman) is chosen by the groom to be his go-to person. Typically a close friend or trusted family member, the best man has lots of responsibilities that require being there for the groom in every way possible. Can there be more than one best man? Absolutely! […]

Find the Best Wedding Gown Silhouette for your Body Type

Wedding dress goal: Find a gown that fits your personality AND flatters your body! With so many styles and silhouettes out there, it can be overwhelming, right? But not to worry! Your perfect look is out there, we promise. Just think about what you love most about your shape and go from there. Most importantly, […]

Who Let the Dog’s Out? Cute Ways to Include your Pooch in Your Wedding

Let’s face it, our pets are family. So, it’s only natural to want your pup to be a part of your nuptials! After all, it is a day all about love. Good news is, there are some super cute ways to do just that. Of course you must take into consideration things like: Venue rules: […]