Long Sleeves Wedding Gowns to Keep You Warm!

Fall is upon us here in New England, and so are the chilly temperatures! With that nip in the air, our minds go to long sleeve wedding dresses. After all, what style of bridal gown is more perfect for colder weather? Here at VOWS, we have a stunning selection that is sure to suit every […]

First Three Steps Toward Planning Your Wedding

Try not to let the thought of planning your wedding cause you a world of stress. Easier said than done, we know. But, remember that this is a happy, joyous time! After all, you’re engaged! Furthermore, there are first steps you can take to ease your worry and ensure the wedding planning process is a […]

Maximalist Wedding Gowns for the Bold Bride!

Some brides like to keep things simple with a “less is more” motto, and then there’s you! A “go bold or go home” type of gal–the maximilast bride! You want a gown that demands attention and brings all the drama. The great news is that maximalist wedding gowns that drip with luxury and opulence are […]

Modern Minimalist Meets Old World Charm Wedding Gowns

Do you love a wedding gown that is understated and elegant? Are you in love with the bridal looks of days gone by? If so, a wedding dress that boasts both old-world charm and modern minimalism may be the perfect look for you! Modern minimalist gowns pride themselves on showcasing sleek, gorgeous fabrics, defining cuts, […]

Popular Wedding Gown Fabrics and What You Need to Know!

It’s time to start shopping for your dream wedding gown. You are going to see lots of wedding gowns and fabrics from which to choose. Of course they are all gorgeous, but all different and unique in their own way. Just remember, the dress fabric you choose will play a big role in the type […]

9 Figure-Flattering Ruched Wedding Dresses

What is ruching? Ruching is a sewing technique in which fabric or ribbon is gathered in a repeated draped pattern to form pleats, ruffles, or scallops–usually around the bodice, waist, sleeves or even the skirt. What is so special about a ruched wedding gown? Besides being beautiful, ruching of fabric is super flattering. When it […]

8 Tulle Wedding Dress Skirts that Bring the Drama!

What is tulle? In a nutshell, tulle is a netted fabric used in bridal gown design, often for skirts and veils. The fabric can be silk, nylon or rayon polyester. Tulle comes in a variety of weights and textures-from soft to more stiff. Why choose a tulle wedding dress skirt? Tulle is a classic, but […]

10 of the Most Romantic Wedding Gowns Ever

Are you the bride who is a hopeless romantic at heart? Are you 100% absolutely in love with love? If so, dressing the part on your wedding day is a must! When choosing a wedding dress, think about subtle touches of ethereal softness and effortless movement. Imagine yourself in flowing fabrics or details that have […]

Five Reasons to Choose a Simple Wedding Dress

We adore a minimalist wedding dress. They make a statement all their own and have some great advantages. So, in case you are still on the fence, below are five reasons to consider a more simple style. 1. They are Timeless A minimalist or simple gown give a sleek and chic vibe that will never […]

Head-to-Toe Lace Wedding Gowns for Every Bridal Style!

Lace wedding dresses have always been amongst the most timeless and beautiful styles in the bridal industry. Lots of designers agree and have used this classic fabric as the focal point of their designs by creating breathtaking head-to-toe lace covered masterpieces. Furthermore, lace spans all bridal styles and silhouettes, from boho to modern traditional and […]

Traditional Wedding Gowns that are Anything but Boring!

Are you a bride who is a stickler to tradition? Do you believe that you can still be chic and fashion forward while sticking to a more classic wedding gown? If so, you have come to the right place. Traditional wedding gowns never go out of style. And while they don’t show lots of skin, […]

Destination Weddings: Simple Tips to Prepare for your Big Day

When you think of a destination wedding, you probably envision a beach. However, a destination wedding can be anywhere that is considered a vacation spot–no water required! Many couples opt to have their weddings in a different country or area of the U.S. that holds special meaning to them, among the most popular being Italy […]

Convertible Wedding Dresses: Which Style is For You?

Do you love the idea of having two different looks on your wedding day? It’s stylish, fresh and fun! However, with all the expenses a wedding entails, not everyone has the budget for multiple gowns. Enter the convertible wedding dress! When you choose a dress with detachable features, you can achieve a more dramatic look […]

Not Your Average A-line Wedding Gowns

A classic A-line wedding dress is the most sought after silhouette amongst brides to be. Why? They are super flattering on all body types. Designed like the letter “A”, the bodice is more fitting and the skirt flows out beautifully at the waist. This leaves room to move and doesn’t accentuate one specific area of […]

Statement Wedding Dress Trains for Every Bride!

Nothing makes jaws drop like a stunning wedding gown train. A statement train can completely change the vibe of not only your look, but also the feel of your overall wedding day. Add whimsy, regality, or be a real-life princess as you flow past your guests with your dramatic train trailing behind you. Breathtaking trains […]