Less is More: Modern Minimalist Wedding Gowns by Mikaella

Not into loads of lace or shimmering sparkle? No problem! The popularity of modern minimalist wedding dresses continues to grow, and we are here for it! This sleek look is timeless and chic, and does not include any bling or other adornments. Modern minimalist gowns celebrate the beauty of the fabric along with the cut and perfect fit of the dress. 

Minimalist gowns come in an array of silhouettes and designs, with unforgettable simple details that tailor each dress to your personal bridal style. Look for statement details like off-the-shoulder necklines, sexy plunging necklines or backs, high necklines, sexy slits, a flattering pleated bodice and more! 

Minimalist gowns by Mikaella are at the top of our list of faves! Which do you you see yourself wearing on the big day?

Mikaella M2432

Mikaella 2403

Mikaella M2458

Mikaella M2435

Mikaella M2476

Mikaella M2460

Mikaella M2436

Mikaella M2478

Mikaella 2411