Don’t Sweat Your Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are magical. Toes in the sand, crashing waves, and that glorious ocean breeze. But with these beautiful elements, problems can arise, and you need to be prepared. You are at the mercy of Mother Nature herself, after all. Things like the wind, heat, sand, and climate can all have an impact on how your beach wedding plays out. Below are some tips to consider to keep your day running smoothly, as well as help your guests stay dry and beat the heat!

Always have a tent as a backup in case of rain. Quality tents are super affordable, stylish and easily available. It is better to be safe than sorry, and a sure way to keep you and your guests from getting drenched if the skies decide to open up.

Gather or buy heavy shells or beach rocks to hold down things like the aisle runner, table cloths, tarps and more. You never know when the wind will kick up and what will go sailing through the air.

If you plan an evening beach wedding and decide to use torches as the lighting, make sure the torches are located a safe distance away from anything flammable. Nobody wants a fire on their wedding day! Also, buy quality torches–you get what you pay for in this case.

Beach weddings held during the day can be very hot. It is a great idea to provide hand-held fans for each guest. It will keep them cool from the heat and can be adorably decorative as well—even double as a favor. Parasols are also a lovely choice!

Think about investing in some super cute yet very sturdy umbrellas to dot around your cocktail hour or reception area. They will provide shade for your guests and set an unmistakable beach vibe. You can get creative with these as far as color and style. They can really set the tone for the day.

Always have water and other cold beverages readily available for your guests. A water station is a fabulous idea that is practical and pretty!

Always have an air conditioned area that guests can go to in case the climate is too much for some. Think of the elderly that may not be able to handle the heat and humidity, even with a fan. The comfort of your guests is so important, not to mention the safety.