Beach Wedding Dresses That Break The Rules

Beach weddings have always been a huge trend…  and for good reason! What’s not to love? Sand in the toes, a calming ocean breeze, beautiful blue waters–nature at its best, and it is your personal wedding venue for the day! Absolute perfection. 

Beach weddings have come a long way over the years, and so have the dresses. Some beach weddings are small gatherings, some are larger bashes with upscale touches–that’s up to you. The best thing is, anything goes when it comes to your seaside attire now. You can say “yes” at the beach wearing the wedding gown of your dreams, no matter the style! 


Big and Bold!

Who says ball gowns don’t belong on the beach? In fact, a full skirt can be absolutely stunning on the shore. The contrast of an organic backdrop with a more formal style is unexpected and absolutely enchanting! You can choose a more traditional, contemporary ball gown, or something a little more flirty that still packs that bolder look. These dresses by Pronovias and Stella York are stunning examples.

Go Boho!

Of course, bohemian dresses are always a go-to choice, and probably the most popular when it comes to beach weddings. And why wouldn’t they be? They are fanciful, flowing, and often just plain fun! Boho dresses come in a wide variety of silhouettes and styles now–from that barely there look with sheer tulle and silks to long sleeves and intricate lace (yes, long sleeves on the beach!)–you just need to find what works for you! Check out these styles by Willowby and Watters!

Keep it Sleek!

If you are more of a modern minimalist bride, ditch the embellishments and let the simplicity of your beach dress speak for itself. A big plus is that you won’t have to worry about wind or the elements in your breezy locale, as these dresses tend to stick to fabrics like French crepe as opposed to a much lighter choice. Plus, a sleek and chic look is as timeless as the ocean itself! We are loving the low, cowl back and off-the-shoulder look of these gowns by Made with Love Bridal.

Sparkle on!

Imagine capturing that bright beach sunshine and shimmer off the water with the sparkle on your wedding gown! Not to mention the amazing golden hour photo opps you will have! A beaded beach wedding dress is an absolute mood, and will bring some glamour to your seaside nuptials. Think pearls, sequins and bugle beads showering over you as you say “ I do!” And when it comes to bringing the bling on the beach, we say the more the better. These styles by Stella York and Made with Love Bridal are just divine!