Wedding Trends We Love: Bridal Gloves

Bridal gloves are definitely having a moment! This throwback accessory has resurfaced in a big way, and the right one can take your overall look to a new level! Sheer gloves and lace gloves are especially popular this season, as they mesh seamlessly with both the vintage and modern bride.

Bridal gloves also come in an array of sizes and lengths. Choose from a more traditional style that covers the fingers, or a chic “sleeve” style that is fingerless and can end below or above the knuckle. We love them all!

Lace gloves

Lace gloves are classic, but can mesh beautifully with just about any style wedding gown. They add a touch of vintage charm and a romantic whimsy that no other accessory can! We love these looks by Berta and Martina Liana (gowns only available at VOWS).

Sheer Gloves

Sheer gloves are super whimsical but also maintain a modern vibe. Choose from super sleek or with a touch of beaded embellishment, like pearls or glitter! Below are two stunning examples by Made with Love Bridal (gowns only available at VOWS).

Bridal Glove FAQ’s

So, have to decided to go with gloves? If so, you may have a few questions! Below are answers to your FAQ’s about wearing a bridal glove.

Do I wear my gloves during the receiving line?
YES – by all means do so. They are a part of your wedding attire.

Do I wear my gloves while eating?
If they are fingerless, feel free. If they are full fingered gloves, it may be a bit of a hassle.

Do I wear my gloves during the rest of the reception?
Yes! At least for a while! After all, they are a part of your ensemble!