Trending and Traditional Wedding Accessories

Bridal or wedding accessory trends change from year to year. Choosing these finishing touches are crucial to achieving your overall bridal look. Some brides like to stick with simple traditional accessories, while others opt to go with what is new and chic. Below is a list of trending accessories, as well as classic choices. Which are right for you?

Earrings: Consider your wedding gown then choose a style that compliments your vibe. These include chandelier, drop, studs, hoops and more. Pearls and floral earrings are are definitely having a moment and can be found in all varieties.

Necklaces: Some brides opt for a necklace, some don’t. It depends on the wedding gown
neckline and how embellished the dress is. If a necklace is your thing, chokers and tennis necklaces are trending at the moment!

Bracelets: Bracelets can serve as a statement piece or be a supporting role to your earrings or necklace. Brides can choose from wide, embellished cuffs, simple bangles and everything in between.

Hair accessories: Choose from the oh-so popular and versatile headband, bridal comb, or hair pins. These are more classic options that have been updated in design to complement today’s bridal gowns.

Gloves: Bridal gloves have made a comeback. Wedding gown designers are using them to really bring an ensemble together. Longer gloves are seeing a boost, and best of all, they are optional and easy to remove, making two looks in one easy to achieve. Sheer gloves are especially popular right now.

Bridal handbag: Although many brides don’t opt for a handbag, it is a great inexpensive way to
add a nice look to your ensemble, as well as store your must-haves for the day. Not into a bridal bag? Perhaps look for a gown with pockets!

Garter: The garter tradition brings fun to the reception, and is a great keepsake if you decide to
keep it. It is also affordable and is available in some lovely traditional and modern styles.

Veil: You are welcome to pick any veil you want, but blusher veils seem to be the most popular at the moment, They frame the face and come with or without embellishments. A great way to combine classic and contemporary,

Bridal cape: Looking for drama? Consider a cape! For the fashion-forward bride for a dreamy and unforgettable look. A wedding cape is a contemporary alternative to the traditional wedding veil.