Made with Love Bridal: Affordable Elegance for Today’s Bride

The MWL Story

Carla Jenkins, the director of MWL, started the search for her perfect wedding dress, after several visits to different bridal shops, she was empty handed and frustrated. She needed a gown that fit her style, her standards, AND her budget. So, she took matters into her own hands, literally. With some help, Carla designed and made her dream gown! Then, after making social media accounts, things started to explode. She completed her first bridal gown collection in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Carla hit a niche in a market that asked for ‘affordable and elegant’–and the results are stunning!

The Wedding Gowns

Made with Love Bridal gowns cater to today’s bride who is looking high fashion at affordable prices–made to order for each bride and their unique body. MWL prides themselves on using only high quality fabrics, handpicked by their team. Every detail is handmade, and the collections are truly unique–sexy, sophisticated, whimsical and modern. Look for each gown to have that statement detail that allows it to really shine!

The Promise

“MWL is committed to designing, creating and delivering the most beautiful wedding dresses we can think of. Everything we do is done with LOVE… This an old fashioned approach to service that we pride ourselves in.”

Featured Dresses

MWL, Carter

MWL, Austin

MWL, Elliot

MWL, Grayson

MWL, Freddie

MWL, Hendrix

MWL, Jack

MWL, Hunter

MWL, Hudson

MWL, Kennedy

MWL, Jaymes

MWL, Poppy

MWL, Pippa

MWL, Mya

MWL, Ollie

MWL, Sebastian

MWL, Valley