Which Wedding Dress Waistline is Right For You?

When brides think of what style wedding dress they want on their big day, they probably envision a silhouette, fabric, and color. They may even know what neckline they want and what length is to their taste. However, don’t forget to consider the wedding gown waistline! It can and will play a very important role in how you will look in the dress. Below are some of today’s most standard waistlines and what they mean for you.

Natural Waist

A natural waistline is just as it sounds… sits right at the bride’s actual waist. Keep in mind that different designers will have different ideas of where the natural waist actually is. This is arguably the most common waistline of all. Flattering for any body type.

Dropped Waist

A dropped waist gown design sits below the natural waist, closer to the hip. How far the drop is depends on the designer. Some will go just a few inches, and some a bit more. You are likely to find a dropped waist on a ball gown or trumpet styles. Ideal for showing your curves.

Empire Waist

The empire waist features a highly raised waistline that sits right below the bust. Empire waists are designed so the rest of the dress can flow more freely from the body. Perfect for de-emphasizing your tummy area.

Banded Waist

A banded waist is just that… a band of structured fabric that acts as a type of faux belt look. It is perfect for emphasizing an already tiny waist or giving the illusion of a smaller waist. A win-win for every bride.