Five Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

Every couple dreams of the perfect wedding day. Some envision a large, over-the-top day filled with tons of people and a huge venue. Others may be thinking of shortening the guest list to include only close family and friends in a more quaint setting. If you are questioning whether or not to go small, below are five reasons that might help you decide.

1.Save money

Who doesn’t love to save money? This rings especially true if you are on a tight budget. It just goes to say that less guests equals less money. Why? You have fewer people to feed, less space to decorate, fewer favors to buy, smaller bar tab, and so much more.

2. More venue options

Larger weddings are usually held at more traditional wedding venues in order to accommodate more guests. However, choosing a smaller big day may allow you to get a little more creative. Think cute local parks, backyard barbeque, or even your favorite date night hole in the wall restaurant. So many possibilities!

3. Intimacy

Choosing a small wedding means spending more one-on-one time with your guests. It also allows for a more casual way for your guests to mingle with each other. Inviting only your closest friends and family members can make the day feel extra special and personable for everyone involved.

4. Less stress

Let’s face it, all weddings come with stress. But, the smaller the wedding, the less the chaos. A more casual affair will allow you to enjoy your moments more, as you will have fewer details to worry about. And don’t forget, if you have an intimate gathering, you can keep your wedding party to a minimum, if you choose.

5. Stunning photos

A small wedding often has a calmer and more relaxed vibe, which will allow your photographer to really capture every moment. Without all the extra guests, you will have more freedom to get those super sentimental photos you truly want.