Getting Started On Writing Your Wedding Vows

Composing your own wedding vows is a lovely way to express exactly how you feel to your partner. It’s also the perfect chance to show a bit of your personality. With that said, writing your own vows can be downright intimidating to some. But don’t be scared! If you are having trouble (and many do!), we have some ideas to help get you started. Remember, the vows of your choice are exactly that, so feel free to get a little help finding some inspiration.

Pick a song

Do you and your partner have a favorite song that you hold near and dear to your hearts? If so, try focusing on particular lyrics that describe your relationship and work them into your vows. If you don’t have a designated song as a couple, consider a favorite artist or song your love adores and search for lines that fit the big day bill.

Pick a letter or note

Perhaps, somewhere along the line, your fiancé wrote you a love note or love letter. This is the perfect scenario to look through your correspondence and find something super special to work into your vows. The fact that you took the time to find something so personable will mean so very much!

Pick a movie

Calling all movie buffs! Does your partner love a good romantic movie? If so, re-watch the movie and choose quotes to include in your vows. With so many movies based around the topic of love, it won’t be hard to find a fantastic movie line or two that reminds you of yourselves as a couple or as individuals. And don’t think that it has to be super romantic—humor and personal thoughts are always a great combination for wedding vows.

Pick a poem or book

Some brides and grooms love poetry or books. If this is the case, pick a poem or excerpt from a book that you think defines you as a couple. Choose some words you love and go from there. If you are the creative type, why not write a poem yourself to serve as your vows (this could work for the letter tip above as well)? Talk about something special–let the tears flow!