How to Choose Your Reception Wedding Dress

Why do some brides want a second gown for the reception? The most common reason is that some ceremony wedding dresses, like ball gowns, can be a bit bulky and awkward to move freely in for several hours. If you love to dance, this could be a problem, right? Or, perhaps you simply want an entirely different look for your reception? Either way, enter the reception wedding gown!

With so many gorgeous options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose. Hopefully the below tips will help get you started!

Mind Your Budget

By the time you start dress shopping your gown budget should be in place. Remember to include the reception gown in this equation. Some brides make the mistake of buying a ceremony gown, then months later realize they want a reception gown as well. This may put a strain on your budget and cause unnecessary stress.

Comfort is Key

The idea of “comfortable” differs from bride to bride. Some brides will want a loose gown so that they may move around freely and not feel restricted. Other brides feel super comfy in a tighter, less formal gown. That’s totally up to you. When you try the dress on, picture yourself at your reception dancing the night away, if it feels right, you may have found your gown!

Express Yourself

No matter your bridal style, you need to find a second dress that compliments your ceremony wedding gown, your venue and your personality. It’s also the perfect chance to be a little daring! Love lots of sparkle ? Go for it! Want to show some leg? Do it! Love color? Pick one! There are no real rules with the reception dress. Have fun with it!

Be Picky

Your reception dress should be just as special as your ceremony gown. After all, you’ll be wearing the reception gown much longer, so you want to feel just as gorgeous as you did coming down the aisle. Take your time and choose a wedding gown that flatters you in every way and that you love just as much as the first dress. Don’t forget there will be plenty of photos taken in this gown as well!

Check out some of these lovely second dress options!

MIkaella M2436

Mikaella M2436