How to Prepare for Your Home Wedding

Choosing to have your big day at home is a choice more and more couples are making. Why? It makes for a more intimate and personable experience for your guests and provides an overall vibe to the day that is a bit different than a standard venue. Your guests will get a glimpse into your lives and your home. Of course the space will vary depending on where you live. Maybe you have a fabulous backyard. Maybe you live by a lake or the ocean, or have an amazing pool. No matter the size or space of your at-home wedding, you can customize every detail to your liking.

As with any wedding, there are many things to consider when preparing for your nuptials and reception at home. Below are some main points to help get you started!

Consider Your Budget

Depending on how large your wedding is, you could save money with an at-home wedding. Smaller gatherings are easier to plan for and more economical, whereas if you want a very large wedding at your home, you could actually spend more than if you opted for a traditional venue. The more people you invite, the more items you will need to rent and buy, and the more people you will need to hire to help. Think about caterers, florists, bartenders, seating, reception decor and necessities (which can be extensive and really add up), just to name a few.

Obtain a Permit

 This important detail can easily get lost in the mix–but make sure it is at the top of your to-do-list. You need to get permission, even at your home, to host a gathering of considerable size. Every county and municipality has different requirements, so you will want to get a clear understanding of what your wedding requirements will be. Check with your local town hall asap!

Expect the Unexpected.

. Always rent a tent if you’ll have any portion of the wedding outside. Look into new designs that have special features such as clear ceilings for a view of the stars, breezeways, terrific fabric linings and secure flooring.

Have Easy Restroon Access

 Make sure that your restroom facilities are adequate or consider renting additional ones. If you decide to rent, feel free to ask the company how many facilities they recommend depending on the number of guests.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

That last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up after your wedding. You would be surprised at the mess left behind at even the smallest at-home weddings. Invest in a professional cleaning service. You have worked hard to create the wedding, now let someone else handle the cleanup.