Wedding Dress Backs: Which Style is Right for You?

When you visualize your dream wedding dress, you may picture the silhouette, the neckline, the sleeves and of course, the train. But, don’t forget about the back of the gown! After all, you want to impress at every angle. You need to pick a back that reflects your personality and style, and most importantly, a cut that you are comfortable wearing. The back of your wedding dress speaks volumes, so let’s take a look at some popular choices and find the right one for you.

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Plunging Back

Plunging back wedding gowns are just as they sound. A low cut that exposes much of the back. How low you want to go is up to you. Luckily, lots of low backs are customizable. This look is perfect for the bride who wants to be seen and celebrated for all the curves and highlights of the body’s natural design.

Corset Back

The corset back itself is an iconic wedding dress style. The structure supports the bodice with stiff vertical inserts that support the torso and back. Brides who love a vintage or old-world charm vibe are drawn to this look. It’s a true classic.

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Scoop Back

A scoop back wedding dress hits farther down on the back, but not as far as a plunging back. It usually has a rounded dip shape and is available in an array of styles. How high or low the scoop goes is up for interpretation, by you and the designer! This design looks great on any body type.

Criss-Cross Back

A criss-cross back is designed with fabric or beading the overlap in the back. This look is popular with brides who love the idea of a backless dress but don’t want to commit to showing so much skin. It also adds lovely textural detail.

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Illusion Back

Illusion backs are everywhere, in every cut that you see above. Illusion fabric is a sheer fabric designed to match your skin tone to give you coverage, but with a nude look. You can find illusion backs in so many different styles–using a little sheer to almost all sheer with little or loads of embellishments. The choice is yours.

Covered/ Closed back

A closed or covered wedding dress back is designed for complete coverage. So, if you aren’t into exposing any skin at all or are self conscious about your back, this is the way to go. Choose a solid fabric like satin or even all lace. And, the look isn’t just for the modest and traditional bride, it spans all styles.

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Keyhole Back

Keyhole back wedding dresses have a cut out at the back that forms a circle or shape. Perfect for brides who love the idea of a backless dress but want a little more coverage. Keyhole backs also usually offer a bit more of a structured bodice, if that’s your thing.

Cowl back

A cowl back is made from loosely draped fabric that falls down the back. They are a bit flirty yet very elegant. Perfect for drawing attention to your waist and back side!

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