Six Practical Tips for Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

So, it is time to choose the all-important bridesmaid dresses. As the bride, you are responsible for keeping your friends and family happy in the process. Therefore, you want to be prepared before you start your search. Below are six practical tips to keep in mind along the way.  

1. Budget

In most weddings, the bridesmaids pay for their own dress. Therefore, you must consider their individual financial situations.  Sit down and talk to your squad as a group, or if you feel more comfortable, one on one. Then, choose a price range that will work for everyone.

2. Comfort

Put yourself in their shoes. Who wants to spend several hours in a dress that is binding or hard to sit or dance in? Think about styles that allow your bridesmaids to feel comfortable without sacrificing style!

3. Climate

The weather and time of year should also be considered when choosing gowns for your For example, for summer and spring weddings, you can go for a lighter fabric like chiffon. Winter and Fall weddings might call for a heavier fabric like satin. Not sure about fabrics? Check out our guide!

4. Body type

Choosing a dress style that flatters all your squad’s different body types may feel daunting, but remember, the dresses don’t have to match. Feel free to give your bridesmaids a color and fabric choice and let them pick a gown they feel beautiful wearing. They will appreciate it more than you know!

5. Age

Age is an important factor when choosing a bridesmaid dress. If your bridesmaids range widely in age, picking the design can be tricky. For example, you don’t want something too revealing if you have junior bridesmaids. Again, this is where the different styles for each bridesmaid comes into play.

6. Timeline

The last thing you want is for your squad to be stressed about the delivery time of their dress. So, make sure to have them ordered at least seven to eight months before the wedding. This will allow enough time to get the dresses in and account for any alterations that may need to be done.