Be Bold in these Berta Wedding Gowns!

About Berta

The sole designer of the fashion house is Berta Balilti. The wedding gowns she creates are nothing short of breathtaking, show-stopping and designed for the daring bride who isn’t afraid of being fashion forward.

“Berta has an avant-garde design style, one that always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of fashion design. Her style of design is famous for being bold, sexy and modern, all while combining vintage materials and retro styles. Her collections are considered among the most praised and anticipated in the fashion world.”

Is there a Berta wedding gown for you?

The amazing thing about Berta’s designs is the diversity. Whether you love loads of lace, sparkle galore, long sleeves, short sleeves or off the shoulder styles, Berta has you covered. And, if you are a bride who wants to go full on sexy for your big day, Berta’s plunging necklines and bare backs are sure to make jaws drop, all the time staying true to her love for old-world charm and traditional details.

Which of these Berta styles speak to you?

Berta 23-P03

Berta MUSE Ines 22-33

Berta 23-P06

Berta MUSE Helga 21-142

Berta 22-P06

Berta 22-P05

Berta 23-P01

Berta MUSE Isabell 22-32

Berta 20-P03

Berta 20-P103