How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Dress Train

So many trains, so many choices! The wedding gown train can be the focal point of your wedding ensemble. It can be an absolute show stopper, or it can be more understated. But how do you choose? From length to details and embellishments, trains are a matter of personal taste and style. So, when you start shopping, knowing the details, particularly the length, is super important. You need to think about your venue and the formality of your wedding. Listed below are the most popular types of wedding gown trains among brides today.

Chapel Train

The chapel-length train is the most popular among brides. It is elegant, yet not over the top. Typically, a chapel-length train is one yard to four yards long. This type of train would work for formal weddings, semi-formal weddings, and informal weddings. Always be careful if you are having an outdoor wedding with a longer train, as you run the risk of staining (consider a bustle).

Sweep Train

A sweep train is the shortest of all the trains. It is also referred to as a brush train, as the end of the train barely touches the floor. A sweeping train works with a formal, semi-formal, or casual wedding. It is very versatile, practical, and elegant. The lack of length could also be a better choice for outdoor weddings.

Cathedral Train

The cathedral train is the longest of our featured trains. From the waistline of the dress, a cathedral train typically measures at 2.5 yards and can go up to 7.5 yards. These trains indeed bring ALL the drama, but may be difficult to maneuver. If you choose this statement train, check into adding a bustle for after the ceremony, especially if you will be outside. Plus, you still want to dance the night away comfortably!

Detachable Train

A detachable wedding gown train is perfect for the bride who wants two looks in one. The train typically attaches somewhere on the back of the dress. This option is also great if you find yourself in love with two different styles–for example, if you love a sleek, modern look AND the grand entrance vibe of a longer ballgown train, you can have both without having to purchase two gowns or fuss with a bustle. There are lots of different detachable train styles and lengths, so find the perfect one for you!