5 Fun Ways to Incorporate your Signature Wedding Color

So, you have chosen your wedding gown, your venue, your overall vibe and the oh-so important wedding colors! Now, how do you incorporate your signature color or colors into your big day that doesn’t include the obvious? Of course the flowers, wedding party attire and cake are a given, but there are other fun ways to drive home your fave shade!

1. Invitations

Your invitations are the perfect way to introduce your wedding colors and will be the first glimpse your guests have into your big day. Your invites could be really bold with your signature color, or you could just include a splash, like this cute ribbon! The choice is yours.

2. Table Runner

One pop of your signature color on your wedding tablescape can make a big impact. Forgo the entire tablecloth and focus on the very center of the design–the runner! It can be tailored to fit the feel of your day, whether casually draped or pressed and formal!

3. Furniture

The actual furniture at a wedding is usually rather neutral, relying on everything else to bring in the color. But, you can get creative here and rent gorgeous chairs or even sofas and chaise lounges to dot around your reception or cocktail hour to bring in an unexpected pop of your dreamy hue.

4. Cocktails

Think about color when you choose your signature cocktail. It is such an elegant way to drive home your signature shade in a subtle and fun way. It can be the actual color of the drink, the shade of glassware or even just the garnish you choose.

5. Dessert

Desserts have become such a fabulous way to let your personality shine on your big day. They are a super creative choice and are a perfect way to incorporate your signature. Think of frostings, garnishes and so much more! Your caterer will be able to give you some super unique ideas as well!