Six Rules for Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for your dream wedding dress should have your heart fluttering with excitement, not quickening with anxiety. Unfortunately, finding THE dress for your big day can easily become stressful if you’re not prepared. There are so many things to consider and so many styles from which to choose, we know it can be overwhelming. Below are six simple tips to ensure that finding your gown is as fun and drama-free as possible.

1. Plan in Advance!

There’s no time for procrastination when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress. Keep in mind that a special order gown is one that is made just for you. Once you say yes to your dress, we will take your measurements and order your correct size and color of your choice. The lead time for these gowns is typically 4-6 months. After your dress arrives, alterations may need to be done, so you also need to allow time for that. Considering all of this, and the time it takes to actually find a gown you love, it is recommended that you start your search at least nine months in advance–a year is even better.

2. Set your budget

It’s important to remember that your wedding gown is part of your overall wedding budget. Grasping the overall cost of the wedding also allows you to avoid unwanted stress. Deciding how much you can spend on your dress can be a bit flexible if you are willing to compromise on other aspects of your wedding–so it’s ok to leave a little wiggle room. But set that number and keep it in mind!

3. Keep your entourage small

Choosing your wedding gown is a joyous and celebratory occasion. Because of this, you may be tempted to invite your entire family and a good portion of your friends to come along on the journey. However, keep in mind that everyone comes with a different set of opinions, and too many opinions can quickly become frustrating. At VOWS, you can bring up to five guests to help you with this oh-so important decision.

4. Have a open mind

You might have a very specific idea of what type of gown you want, and that’s a good thing! However, if you have never tried on wedding dresses, you have yet to see how you look in different bridal styles. A gown that you have fallen head over heels with online might not be the best fit for you. To avoid total heartbreak, don’t be too attached to one or two gowns. Be willing to try on different silhouettes and styles and you just might find a new dream gown where you least expect it.

5. Bring your own shoes and undergarments

When trying on your gown, you want to get the clearest picture of how you’ll look on your wedding day. If you have already chosen your undergarments, accessories or shoes, please bring them to your fitting!

6. Listen to your stylist

At VOWS, our stylists know their wedding gowns. Our experts are not only knowledgeable about the shop’s vast selection, but they have also helped countless brides to find a dress that flatters their body type, mesh with their wedding style, and all within budget. Helping you find your dream wedding gown is what we love to do! Of course, the decision is ultimately yours! But, it doesn’t hurt to hear a professional opinion.