How to Choose a Wedding Gown by Season

We all have a favorite season. Do you dream of the beaming sun with toes in the sand? Or perhaps blankets of white fluffy snow or sipping hot cider by a bonfire? Every season has something special and magical to offer, and no matter which you prefer, there is a stunning array of wedding dresses that fit that particular time of year. We have some tips and advice to keep in mind when shopping for your dress. Let’s take it season by season!

Spring Wedding Gowns

Oh yes, the spring wedding! Venues are in full bloom and stunning garden weddings are plentiful. The wedding dress choices are also just lovely and vary more than any other season. Spring lends itself to the choice of most fabric choices, as the weather can still be cool at the start, or warm toward the end of the season. So, you can go for slightly heavier fabrics like Mikado, but most brides tend to choose a more flowing and lightweight choice like chiffon or organza. If the dress is more lightweight, long sleeves are fair game! Really, any kind of sleeve, or lack of sleeve will work beautifully.

Spring gowns we love: 

Summer Wedding Gowns

Summer weddings bring the heat! Think beach weddings, lakeside nuptials, and longer, sun-kissed days! Nothing says a summer wedding like a whimsical, flowing a-line gown, but don’t worry, for the princess brides, there are summer ballgown options too..Also, it’s the perfect time to show a little skin if that’s your thing–think necklines and exposed backs. A summer bride must also be a little pickier with her choice of fabrics–you want to look hot, but not feel the heat on your big day. So, avoid heavy fabrics.

Summer gowns we love:

Fall Wedding Gowns

Fall foliage as your wedding portrait backdrop? It doesn’t get any better than that! And for the rustic-loving bride, it really is the perfect time of year. As the rise in fall weddings continues, so does the selection of gorgeous bridal gowns. Some may think that fall wedding gowns mean long sleeves, but in reality, a fall bride can rock any sleeve she wants. Detachables sleeves are also a great option. The fabric is the main component to keep in mind. Think about choosing a fabric that is a bit heavier, or even gorgeous layers of a lighter weight fabric. SO many options!

Fall gowns we love:

Winter Wedding Gowns

Is walking in a winter wonderland your idea of perfection? Winter weddings bring dreams of snow-capped mountains, sparkling lighted trees and jingle bells! If you are a fan of gowns with long-sleeves, winter weddings are definitely a great choice, but not the only choice. It’s all about the style–with wraps and capes, any sleeve is possible if you choose heavier fabric that fits with the time of year. Keep this in mind if you are planning to spend any time outdoors for photos or even for the ceremony.

Winter wedding gowns we love: