Simple Tips for Choosing the Groom’s Wedding Attire

With so much focus on the bride’s wedding gown, the groom’s attire can sometimes take a back seat. Truth is, both of your styles need to work together to create a look that represents you as a couple as well as individuals. Luckily, attire for the groom (and groomsmen!) have come a long way. Below are some tips to keep in mind when you start shopping.

Time of year

The climate will have a huge bearing on what the groom should wear. For example, if it’s a summer wedding, dark colors and heavy fabrics such as wool or velvet should be avoided–these are better suited for fall or winter dates. Choosing lighter colors in cotton or linen will fit the bill perfectly and keep the groom nice and cool.


The formality of the wedding is so very important. The groom’s attire must fit the overall feel of the day. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, the groom might want to keep it light and super casual by ditching the suit and going for just a vest or casual jacket (or neither!). However, if your wedding is black tie or very formal, a tuxedo may be in order. Anything in between, a proper suit, and there are tons of styles available, usually fits the bill.


Most weddings have a color scheme, so you might want the groom’s attire to give a wink and nudge to that. This could be a full blown suit color, or keep it more subtle with a traditional tie, bow tie, pocket hankie, boutineer or more. Get creative here!


Little details about the groom’s ensemble will speak volumes about his personality. It’s his time to shine too! Grooms, groomsmen, and even groomsmaids no longer have to play it safe with their attire. Anything goes! There are tons of style options out there, so browse around and what speaks to your individuality. Some popular trends are hats, suspenders, mix and match fabric patterns and shorts.