If the Shoe Fits! A Rundown of Today’s Popular Bridal Styles

Never underestimate the importance of the bridal shoe! After all, you’ll be wearing them for several hours, so you need to consider comfort AND style! Before you start searching for your dream wedding dress, you want to have the shoe or a similar style (mainly heel height) in hand to see if it works with the gown’s length. Below is a quick rundown on what you’re likely to come across when on your quest for the perfect bridal shoe. Keep in mind that all of these styles can overlap. For example, if you like strappy sandals with a block heel,they’re out there! If you like flats with an open toe, you’ll find it!


If your motto is the higher the better, stilettos are the way to go. The heel usually measures about two to five inches in height but can go up from there. Keep in mind the heel is skinny or thin, so they aren’t for everyone. It all depends on your comfort level and personal style. They do make quite the statement, and can be popular among shorter brides.

Kitten Heels

Also referred to as the “shorter stiletto,” kitten heels are known for their small, thin heels. The height is much shorter than the stiletto (less than two inches) yet still gives the same kind of glam feel.

Classic Pumps

Always a popular choice for brides, the pump never goes out of style. “Pump” is a broad term for any shoe with a heel that usually doesn’t have loads of embellishment. The timeless look is practical and comfortable for most.

Peep-toe heels

Peep-toes shoes are basically a heeled style that has a cut out in the toe. They are perfect for the bride who wants to really show off that pretty pedicure. If you are torn between closed and peep toes shoes, you should consider the weather. Peep-toes are more appropriate for the warmer months.

Block Heels

Block heels are for the bride who wants the heel height, but with more stability. They can be much easier to maneuver in than the stiletto or pump. The heel is a square, super cute chunky shape–easy on the eyes and easy on the feet!


Wedge heel bridal shoes are different due to their continuous height that starts at the toe and gradually extends to a higher level. The wedge is popular for outdoor weddings or more casual affairs.

Strappy Sandals

Sandals include a vast range of several types of wedding shoes. Heel or no heel? Completely up to you. They are super diverse and available with every kind of detailing imaginable. They tend to be adorable and affordable, but keep in mind the comfort factor. Straps across your feet may rub over the course of a day or evening, so make sure you choose wisely.


Flats are just as they sound, a completely flat heel. Brides who aren’t comfortable in any type of heel or don’t want to tower over their partner are partial to this style.