Simple Bridal Jewelry Tips for the Bride

PIcking your bridal jewelry should be fun, not frustrating. Lots of brides are confused as to what to choose and what “rules” to follow. The truth is, there are no set rules–well, except one–always be true to your personal taste! But, in case you find yourself a little overwhelmed by all the choices out there, below are some simple tips to keep in mind.

Set a Budget

Consider your bridal jewelry budget a part of your overall wedding expenses. Factor in what you can spend, and stick to it. Luckily, no matter your budget, there are tons of stunning styles in all price ranges.

Think about your gown

Your wedding gown will play a huge role in the jewelry you choose. Think about the details and make sure the accessories and the dress mesh. It doesn’t have to be exact or match, but it does need to be complimentary.  For example, we love a classic pearl hoop with the below gown from Galia Lahav!

Know your neckline

Think about your dress neckline, especially if you plan on wearing a necklace. For example, if your dress is strapless, sweetheart, square or a deep-V, feel free to wear whatever style fits your personality. Chokers look amazing with a bare chest area, as do larger drop earrings! On the other hand, if you have a dress with a high neckline, consider focusing only on your earrings. You don’t want to take away from the cut and design of the dress you put so much love into choosing!

Remember your hairstyle

Your bridal hairstyle will have a huge impact on the jewelry you choose. This is especially true for your earrings. Up-dos offer a world of options when it comes to earrings–whether you like a big, bold drop or or a simple stud or hoop, any will look fab! On the other hand, wearing your hair down may require a simpler earring choice (again, a stud or short drop) depending on the actual style. A sleek down do can absolutely work beautifully with a chandelier style (see below), whereas more tousled, care-free hair may camouflage your earrings or even worse, get tangled, so be careful!

Don't Overdo it

It can be tempting to want to wear ALL the beautiful bridal jewelry out there, but try to not get carried away–remember, less is more in most cases. A good rule is to pick one statement piece and keep the others to a minimum. You want your dress and gorgeous face to be the center of attention on your big day. The jewelry is there to play a supporting role.