How to Choose Your Bridesmaids: Basic Advice for the Bride

Let’s face it, choosing your bridesmaids is a big deal. For brides with a huge circle of close friends and family members, it can make the decision making process very stressful. But in the end, remember that the squad you pick will be your right hand gals. They will hold lots of responsibilities, including being your support system. So, choose those you know are trustworthy and will be there for you no matter what. Below are some tips to help get your started.

How many bridesmaids should you pick?

The rule of thumb is that for every 50 guests, there should be one bridesmaid. With that said, large weddings usually involve a bigger bridal party, while smaller weddings seem to have less people involved in the ceremony. However, it’s really up to you. Maybe you have 15 ladies you can’t imagine not having by your side. Maybe you want to keep it casual and have only a few in mind. Whatever you decide is ok! This is your day. Do what makes you happy. But, keep in mind the more people you have in your wedding, the more work is involved when it comes to picking attire, arranging accommodations, buying gifts, and more.

Pick and choose wisely

What if you aren’t close with your sister or sister-in-law? Do you still include them because they are family? Again, this is up to you. Some brides find it easier than dealing with the drama and hurt feelings that might ensue. It really depends on how well you know them and how you think they will react if they are not chosen. Choosing a bestie or besties is always a perfect choice. Friends have a way of calming you on the big day that a family member may not be able to do.

Choosing a Maid of Honor

The Maid of Honor is the MVP of your bridesmaids. Some brides know immediately who will fill this role, while others are feeling the stress. Are you torn between two people for this important position? If so, no worries… have two Maids of Honor! It may be your sister and your best friend. It may be two sisters. It may even be that your best friend is a male. There’s no rule saying you can’t have a male friend standing by your side, so don’t feel like you have to leave a boy-bestie off your list. A bride can absolutely have a man of honor (or a bridesaman!).

Keep everyone informed

As soon as you choose your squad, let your friends and family know asap. It helps avoid awkward situations where someone might assume he/she would be a bridesmaid, only to later find out they didn’t make the cut. Also, it’s better that they hear directly from you rather than someone else.