5 Simple Fixes for Wedding Dress Emergencies

No bride wants to think about the dreaded wedding dress stain or tear on her big day. But, the chance does exist. No matter how careful you think you’ll be, accidents happen, and it’s best to expect the unexpected. After all, your wedding dress is likely the most important piece of clothing you will ever purchase, so be prepared! We have narrowed it down to these top five easy tips. Keep these items handy, carry them in your bridal bag or have an emergency kit ready for action.

Rule of thumb: This goes for all stain related incidents; Resist the urge to frantically scrub ANY stain, it may cause the stain to spread even more. Blot, never rub!

1. Chalk

Chalk is perfect for those tiny spots (baby powder can be used as well). The great thing about chalk is that it comes in different shades of white and off white, so you can look at different colors to match your wedding gown and even bridesmaid dresses. It’s truly a quick fix for any fabric, as it soaks up that mishap quickly. Important: Do not apply chalk to larger stains.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is good for tougher stains like ink, red wine, oils from food, or even makeup. (Hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar could work here too.) First, test it on a discreet part ot the dress–if all is well, proceed to the blotting method:

3. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can be a lifesaver when it comes to wedding gown mishaps on the big day. They too can also be used for more significant stains such as beverages, food, and even dirt. Use the above blotting method with wipes as well. Important: Baby wipes SHOULD NOT be used on silk.

4. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is a must. You never know when your dress may get caught on someone or something. It could be a rip in the fabric or a snagged bead. Either way, if you know how to sew, the tear can be easily resolved. Don’t attempt to fix your dress if you don’t know how to handle a needle and thread. Make sure someone in your bridal party can handle it for you in case of this emergency.

5. Fabric Tape

Fabric tape or double-sided tape is used for the skirt or train of the wedding gown. If the hemline gets torn, it’s fabric tape to the rescue. It is easy to use and conveniently comes with directions!