What You Need to Know About Being Best Man: A Complete Guide

What is a best man?

The best man (or woman) is chosen by the groom to be his go-to person. Typically a close friend or trusted family member, the best man has lots of responsibilities that require being there for the groom in every way possible.

Can there be more than one best man?

Absolutely! It can be tough for some to pick just one person for this important job. Maybe there is a best friend AND brother you share a close bond with? Good news… you don’t have to choose just one! There are no rules that say it is a one-person duty. Actually, having two best men might even help things run a little more smoothly.

What does a best man do?

Being asked to be the best man at a wedding entails more than standing beside the groom at the front of the church or planning an awesome bachelor party! Below is a checklist to help cover all the bases.