Who Let the Dog’s Out? Cute Ways to Include your Pooch in Your Wedding

Let’s face it, our pets are family. So, it’s only natural to want your pup to be a part of your nuptials! After all, it is a day all about love. Good news is, there are some super cute ways to do just that. Of course you must take into consideration things like:

" Treat "your dog to these wedding roles!

Ring bearer extraordinaire!

If you have 100% trust in your dog, have your furry family member be your ring bearer! You can always ask another member of the bridal party to walk your pet down the aisle or you can do it yourself. Even if he/she won’t stay sitting during the reception, they can deliver the rings to a trusted wedding party member then be escorted out of sight.

Dog of Honor/Best Dog!

Who says your Maid of Honor or Best Man has to be human? Obviously this duty is for very well behaved pets. But, think of the precious photos you can have with your pooch! Don’t think he/she is ready for a responsibility this huge? No problem! Simply include the “Dog of honor” or “Best dog”  in bridal party photos.

Fetch a sign!

Put your pooch on display and they will love the attention! If he/she is well behaved, try a comfy sign, bandana or t-shirt with a cute saying like “Wait to till you see her/him!” Or, a simple, “My parents got married today!” after the ceremony as the guests leave. Adorable!

Flower Pup

Pair your child-friendly pet with your actual flower girl or boy for cuteness overload. They can simply wear a floral wreath or hang a basket of flowers around his/her neck.

Paw-ty Time!

If you are uncomfortable with your pet being in the actual ceremony, include him/her in the reception! Some couples opt for including their pup in their first dance. If they are tiny enough, you could hold them for part of a song, or if they are larger, just hold their leash.

Strike a pose!

Photos of your fur baby at your wedding will be a treasure forever. So, if you want to keep things very simple yet still include him/her on your big day, have your photographer snap some shots behind the scenes, no costumes or props involved. This can be done at any time during the wedding day, so lots of possibilities!