Fun and Stress-Free Ideas to Incorporate Children into your Wedding

There will always be differing opinions about children in weddings. It’s a personal choice, for sure. With that said, many couples already have children when they get married, or they have children of friends and family that they may want to include on their big day. Of course the classic ring bearer or flower girl duties is the traditional way to go. But, those are not your only options! There are ways to include the kiddos in roles that are a little more stress-free for everyone involved.

Walk you down the aisle

Some brides or grooms have children of their own or have other family members in which they share a special bond. Why not break tradition and have one of them walk you down the aisle? This also really depends on the age of the child, as older children (not toddlers) are more suited for this very important role. With that said, it could be a very special experience for both of you.

Be the Best Man

Who says your best man has to be a grown up? Lots of grooms opt to have their sons or other family members as their best man, with additional groomsmen supporting them in their role. How sweet!

Hand out programs

Have he or she, or more than one child, attended by an adult (depending on age), hand out the programs for your ceremony or reception. It is an easy task and a cute way to introduce them to your guests!

Greet the guests

 If you are not comfortable leaving the programs in the hands of children, why not have them simply greet the guests as they enter the ceremony? A simple smile or wave from a child is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Be a sign bearer

Whether you want to include one child or five children, this is a great option. Sign bearers do just that, hold cute signs with cute sayings of your choice as the guests arrive, or even after the ceremony. You can be extra creative here too! Go for sentimental or go for a laugh. And you can bet the kids will love the attention!

Guard the guestbook

If the child is old enough, having them ask guests to sign the wedding book is a simple duty that works with most ages.

Hand out flowers

At the start of the reception, have the child or children stand with a basket of flowers and simply hand them out to the guest. They could even hand out the favors if the items are small enough and not fragile.

Perform a talent

If a child has musical talent and loves to perform, what a great way to incorporate them into the wedding. Have them play or sing a song at the reception! They can even recite a poem that they wrote for you. Talk about a tear-jerking moment! The child will feel so very special and your guests will love it as well.