Affordable Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for the Budget-Savvy Bride

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive. But, your centerpieces don’t have to be! Creating an inviting and lovely table vibe for your guests doesn’t have to be super pricey. A gorgeous wedding centerpiece is achievable without loads of flowers. You just need to think outside the box. Below are some simple yet beautiful ideas for that won’t break the bank or sacrifice style.

Go Green

A simple table garland is an inexpensive way to add stunning greenery to any wedding reception table. Using plants or greenery instead of lots of fresh flowers is much cheaper (but doesn’t look it!), yet still has the same appeal as a floral arrangement. Talk with your local florist about what types of greenery you could purchase on your budget. Tweak this look however you like. It’s a great starting point and would work with any wedding style.

Charcuterie Art!

Who doesn’t love a good nibble board? Edible centerpieces are so much fun, and a charcuterie board is not only pretty to look at, but super practical! Wood boards can be found in all price ranges, as can the foods you choose to showcase on your table. Your guests will love the whimsical look and have a yummy snack!

Classic Candles

Candle centerpieces are timeless. They are also super versatile, and of course, affordable. Taper holders and pillar holders are inexpensive and elegant. You can mix and match metals, glass, ceramics… so many choices. Vintage candlesticks (which you can find in thrift stores!) in different heights are a lovely choice for a romantic, classic or boho wedding, while minimalist weddings lend themselves to sleek glass or a mix of glass containers. You can get really creative with this one.

Branch Out

Love nature? Perfect! Lots of couples love the rustic, natural look. If you are adventurous, go out and gather some branches on your next hike and place them in a tall, simple vase for a dramatic yet super affordable centerpiece. You can keep it super simple, but you can add lights or splurge for a few flowers for a more elegant look. Boho brides love this idea!

TIP: If you have fallen in love with more than one of these ideas, feel free to mix and match any of them. For example, a candle in the middle of your charcuterie board or mixed with your greenery! Add a few flowers–a few go a long way. Get creative and have fun!