How to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle: Do’s and Don’ts

Time to start thinking about your wedding day hairstyle. What fun! But, as anything else to do with your big day, you need to be prepared. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you and your locks look picture perfect!

DO choose an experienced stylist.

You will remember your wedding day forever, so choose someone you trust to style your hair. If your hairdresser doesn’t typically do wedding hairstyles, ask him or her for a recommendation for someone who does, or speak with friends or other brides who have had hairstyles you’ve loved. Experience is necessary!

DO gather ideas.

When preparing for your trial run, take your time and browse online or in bridal magazines to get an idea of what you want. Do you want a more structured style or one that looks more relaxed or natural? Pictures speak louder than words, therefore, gather these photos and have them ready to share with your chosen stylist. He or she will be able to help you pick the style that best compliments your face shape, wedding dress details and more!

DO consider your hair accessories.

If you plan to wear anything in your hair, like a comb, bridal pins, flowers, veil, etc. take that or those, or something similar with you to your trial run. Your stylist can get an idea of where to place it on your head and what styles will compliment the entire look.

DO be open to new ideas.

It’s always good to be open to suggestions. Your stylist may have ideas that you haven’t even considered. After all, they are professionals. They will be knowledgeable about what styles are better for your hair type, certain climates as well as what will mesh best with the overall vibe of the big day.

DON’T cut your hair just before the wedding.

No matter the temptation, stay away from the scissors! It is a rule of thumb to schedule something two weeks to a month in advance. This way, the cut has time to grow into itself. It will also be easier to style when the time does come. If you cut it a day or two beforehand, you could end up with results you don’t like, with no time to do anything about it. Yikes!

DON’T experiment with hair color before the big day.

 Drastically changing your haircolor right before the wedding is a big no-no! What if you don’t like the color? It would have to be changed and that can wreak havoc on the health and condition of your locks. If you do want to experiment with subtle changes like highlights, consult your trusted stylist. They will have some great suggestions to enhance your color that looks more natural.

DON’T get too many opinions.

While it is super tempting to take your entire squad with you to your hair trial, try and resist the urge. Pick a few trusted family members or friends to attend for support and advice. Too many opinions can cloud your judgment, add unnecessary stress, or worse, lead to a decision you regret. Most importantly, remember that the final decision is yours!