How to Prepare for your Traditional Wedding Registry

For the recently engaged couple a bridal registry seems like such a simple, fun adventure, right? Good news is, it can be! With that said, there are actually many things to consider. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help make preparing for your registry fun and stress free. Keep in mind that these tips are mainly for a more traditional bridal registry. Feel free to skip these and opt for gift cards, cash (yes, you can do that!) or charitable donations–if you aren’t in need of or want household items, think outside the box.

Let’s get started!

Know what you need.

Before you start your wish list, take inventory of what you already have. Don’t forget that you are merging your lives (and living spaces), so there’s no point in registering for things you already have. Go room to room and see what you have multiples of and cross those off your list. No need for extra clutter! Also, if you’re planning to register online, browse selections before hitting the shops to get an idea of what you have missed in your weeding out process.

Pick your style.

Finding a style of home accessories that you both like is so important. Choosing one taste over another can sometimes cause tension, so find a middle ground and choose patterns and sets that combine your individuality and personal styles. Compromise is key. For example, if you like a vintage look and your partner leans toward a more contemporary look, mid-century modern might be the perfect way to go!

Take your time and update often.

When it comes to weddings, most everything you plan for is time super time sensitive. Luckily, the registry is not one of them. So, don’t rush and register for everything in one day. Keep your wish list open, check it frequently and update as needed.

Be budget conscious.

The top items people register for are dinnerware, flatware, glassware, cookware, small appliances, cutlery and bedding. Depending on what you choose, these items can be very pricey. So, keep your guests’ budget in mind. While you may adore that $300 wood cutting board to house your charcuterie creations, it may be out of some people’s budget. Make sure there are options at all price ranges.

Be shipping savvy.

Not everyone who buys you a wedding gift can actually attend your wedding or have access to the shop or shops you have chosen. So, make sure that your registry items can be shipped to your home address. This way, the items can be ordered and delivered with no stress for the guest.

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