Six reasons to have a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are timeless and beautiful. Some couples pick this time of year in spite of possibly having to beat the heat. Why? The benefits of summer nuptials by far exceed the risks!  Below are six simple reasons to consider.

1. Warm weather!

In some areas, summer weather can be just perfect and super comfortable. Other areas it can be downright hot. It really depends on where you live and whether or not you can take the heat. Either way, an outside ceremony and cooler summer evening reception is very popular among couples who love the dog daze of summer. And remember, early summer and late summer weddings tend to be a bit cooler temperature wise.

2. Water venues!

What better time of the year to have a water venue than summer? You have so many choices! Of course a beach wedding is the first to come to mind–a classic! The sand and sun make for a magical backdrop. However, there are other water venues that are just as beautiful. For example, how about an enchanting lakeside wedding? They are becoming super popular and can host a more formal affair. Poolside weddings are also lovely. Think of floating candles or lanterns for an oh-so romantic vibe.

3. Outdoor ceremonies!

Besides water venues, there are some other lovely outdoor venues that are a fabulous idea or summer affairs. For example, garden weddings are quaint and can be held in the warmer months. Everything is in bloom in summer so we are talking flowers galore! Many golf courses or country clubs also have really pretty outside wedding venue spaces available in the summer. For those who are more adventurous, take a hike! Forest or nature nuptials are ideal for a boho wedding.

4. Sizzling wedding dresses!

With summer being the warmest of climates, it is the perfect time of year to get a little flirty with wedding attire. Heavier fabrics and bulky dresses are far less popular or practical in the heat. Think flowing, light fabrics with that sexy, summer feel. Below are a few of our faves!

Made with Love, Rosey Crepe

A modern minimalist dream with plunging neckline and a whimsical surprise on the back. 

Willowby, Kimber

Sultry and sweet. Floral appliques dance along the dotted net tulle, giving this dress a delicate dimension.

Allure 9910

A jaw-dropping sheer bodice pairs perfectly with the matching illusion hemline of this strappy sheath gown.

5. Fun color schemes!

Summer wedding colors are inspired by the season’s sun-filled days, laid-back vibes, and warm climate. Think bright and bold colors like hot pinks, yellows, show-stopping oranges, and calming blues. These types of colors can be incorporated into the overall wedding décor as well as into the wedding attire. This includes bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and more! Get creative!

6. Guest availability!

Summer weddings tend to work well for guests compared to other seasons. Lots of people take time off during this time of year, therefore, freeing them up to attend your big day!