Designer Spotlight: Enaura

En – a prefix meaning “within”
Aura – a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person.

The Story

Inspired by the work of his ancestors and desire to find his own way in fashion, a young Sohil Mistry left his East Coast home to study the intricate techniques of beaded design in India. Awed by the meticulous work of hand-beading artisans, a melding of old traditions and new elegance began to stir in his soul. Taking notable cues from ancient embroidery and design techniques developed to clothe Indian kings and queens, Sohil became passionate about treating each intricate detail as a true work of art.

In 2011, Sohil launched Blossom Veils, bringing bridal accessories to the modern bride. His cathedral veil collection brought a level of show-stopping intricacy never before seen in modern veil beading. After Blossom’s success, Sohil beaded on, taking his vision to couture gowns. In 2013, Enaura Bridal was born.

The Wedding Dresses

Each individual gown is an accumulation of up to 500 hours of meticulous handwork, often a collective effort of 20 artisans simultaneously beading the piece. The highest quality fabrics are sourced from New York City and delivered to India for the making of each dress.

From vision, to sketch, to pattern, to bead and needle, every detail of each wedding dress is weaved with an elevation of artisanship, technique, and amazing elegance. Fully hand-produced by India-based artisans, every piece is made to order for its bride.

The Promise

Enaura artisans manifest bridal gowns through the ancient arts of zardosi and tambour: stunning embroidery methods once used to gild the robes of Indian kings and queens. Passed down from generation to generation in the community, the gowns boast rich history and unrivaled detail. Brides who select an Enaura gown truly choose to adorn themselves with a work of art.

Featured Gowns

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