How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Rings

Shopping for wedding rings can be so much fun, not to mention super sentimental. But, it can also be a very involved process. After all, these bands are what you will be wearing for the rest of your lives. There are tons of styles out there, so it’s important to go in with at least a basic game plan. Below are some things to consider before you set out on this exciting journey.

Set a Budget

First and foremost, discuss with your partner how much you can and are willing to spend on your wedding rings. Some couples go all out and some go for more affordable options. This is a personal choice with no wrong answer. Gorgeous rings can be found in every price range!

Decide on Your Metal

The most popular wedding rings are available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and rose gold. What’s the difference? White gold, yellow gold and platinum are traditional and most popular, while rose gold is a more contemporary trend that has been trending for the last few years. Keep in mind that white gold rings are much more affordable as compared to platinum, and have almost the same appearance. Some couples on a strict budget are even choosing sterling silver bands.

Choose a Size & a Width

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings tend to be wider and women’s wedding rings tend to be thinner. However, these rules are not set in stone. The choice is yours. Consider the comfort of the ring and try on different sizes and widths. You just might be surprised at what you choose.

Select a Finish

Wedding rings are polished or brushed to give off a certain look. The polished wedding rings are oh-so shiny and sleek. The brushed wedding bands are more textured or muted and give way to a more vintage or rustic vibe.

Select a stone.
Or not.

Couples can choose a sleek plain wedding band or opt for one that is adorned with some sort of precious or semi-precious stone. Of course the diamond is the most popular choice. But it’s not the only choice. Blue stones, such as different sapphires, are wildly gaining in popularity. Not only are they gorgeous, but also serve as your “Something Blue.” Emerald stones are also a big trend as green gemstones are linked with new beginnings and serenity. More women opt for stones than men, as you would imagine. So, if bling is your thing, there are some amazing stone options for both men and women.

Express Yourself

Choose wedding bands that express who you are as individuals. The styles designs range so widely, so have fun with it. In no way do these rings need to be matchy-matchy. For example, if your style is vintage, there are tons of amazing designs out there with that fab old-world charm. If you are a traditionalist, the possibilities are endless. Each of us are unique, and our wedding rings should reflect that!