For the Love of Lace: Wedding Gowns for Every Bridal Style

Elegant, luxurious, intricate and even simple are all words to describe the beauty that is lace. Lace wedding gowns are among the most popular, and for good reason. Lace is so very diverse! The patterns are endless and lace can be mixed and matched with other fabrics. Therefore, it can be found in every single bridal style. Whether you dream of a little lace or loads of lace, there’s a dress out there for you.

Romantic Bride

The romantic bride and lace are a match made in heaven. Many brides want head to toe lace, which drives home that feeling of romance and femininity. And some brides want splashes of lace for a more subtle feel. Flowing or fitted, you choose! Below are two of our fave romantic styles.

Off-the-shoulder perfection!

Vintage vibes!

Modern Traditional Bride

The traditional bride has some fabulous options when it comes to lace. Ball gowns have come a long way, and designers have created styles that are classic with a twist, including lots with updated lace. Lacey long sleeve dresses are also timeless and are now designed with the modern bride in mind.

Graceful elegance at its best!

Show-stopping details!

Bohemian Bride

For the bride who wants to feel whimsical and effortless, boho wedding dresses that feature lace achieve a style that evokes a sense of wonder. It’s all about the fanciful details in boho lace gowns, and below are two perfect examples!

Delicate detachable bows!

Graphic lace for days!

Sophisticate Bride

Who doesn’t love a sexy, contemporary vibe? And have no doubt, lace can definitely look super contemporary with a bit of an edge. To find that sohpisticate feel, the key here is to go for a lace that is unique! Or, go for a more scattered classic lace in combination with sleek, chic fabrics and cuts.

Sexy and chic!